Wednesday, June 26, 2013


My posting is seriously lagging - sorry.  I am beat.  Ernie and I laugh about being so tired, when we haven't done anything physical all day long - but man.  I guess it's the emotional rollercoaster combined with the heat that's getting us.  At least - that's my story.

Our days start early - I'm setting my alarm for 5:15 a.m. but today, for example, I awakened at 4:45 and couldn't go back to sleep - and while the Camp day wraps up around 4, Ernie and I find plenty to keep us busy.  At the end of the day, after showers, and errands, and/or other tasks, I sit down and download photos from my time lapse camera and my phone (over 200 photos today!)  THEN I'm ready to blog, and I am just bleary-eyed tired.

There is so much to tell you that I'm daunted to begin, because I know there is no hope for an accurate accounting.  My cursor blinks on the screen, and my eyelids are so heavy - that I just have to call it a day.

For now, I'll leave you with this spectacular photo that Ernie took:

Yep, that's me at the end of the day, sitting and marveling...

And here's one without me blocking the view:

I have many blog posts to do for the day: Amish beards, the Seed of Life and gifts, the walls and roof being framed, the roof/loft being set (hello forklift) and a party after -- but I can't do any of them justice tonight.

Thank you for reading.

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