Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MAGIC Tuesday

UPDATE:  I've added some photos...

We've wrapped up day two of the build and we are ahead of schedule.  The floor structure is completed - joists, cross bracing, aluminum sheating, insulation, and subfloor.  It was squared, squared and resquared.  It's resting on the trailer, but it is not affixed yet.  

We had some problems with the materials order that is delaying us slightly.  We should have the missing materials delivered Wednesday morning.  

The girls are a delight - they aren't afraid of the power tools, and they are fast learners.  It is really entertaining to talk with them and hear what they think about the tiny house lifestyle.  They have some really good questions!  And so many of them really seem "in their element" on the job site.  It's super fun to watch.

It helps that we have fantastic mentors - really it's difficult to give enough credit.  And I am fully aware that I am wading into treacherous waters to start naming names - I am SURE that I will forget someone!  I'll apologize in advance for that and I promise to do a more thorough and accurate post later when I have time to string two thoughts together.

The SeaBees from the Naval Construction Battalion are ROCK STARS.  These women build for the Navy all over the world and they really know their stuff.  And they are so good with the girls, teaching, and being phenomenal role models.  )And they are just really nice!)  Each of them has such an interesting story.  I am proud to have them in our military and on my build.  No, I mean I am PROUD. 

Wayne Pendry is here, he's the "solar guy" and so much more from CET.  He's here all week and is just invaluable.

Beryl Schwartz, a carpenter journeyman, from the Local 150 spent the day with us today.  Nina and I were mesmerized by her knowledge and tried to soak up as much as we could.  (She also owns Feast Bistro, I wrote about that yesterday.)

And the "women of NAWIC,"  women from the local school district(s?), the board members of MAGIC Camp - all provided support in the way of organization and lunches, and t-shirts and I'm sure a host of other things that I am unaware are going on behind the scenes.

Laurie, who is hosting "Ernie" and I are her house is THE.  BEST.  She has really made us feel at home - this would be a whole different experience if were in a hotel.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We recognize we are a handful...

And  ERNIE.  I so owe her a build week when she builds.  I know she's learning a lot too, for her tiny house, but having her here this week just completely puts it all over the top.

It goes without saying that we've all crowned Daniel king. : )

I've got to get going - time for Wednesday -I'll post photos later - I took well over 100 yesterday!

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