Sunday, June 16, 2013

MAGICal Developments

I had Sunday morning coffee with Amy today, and she asked me if I am excited about Camp next week.  AM I EXCITED?  Are you kidding??  It's all I can think about!
I got another exhilarating email string on Friday from Laurie & Valerie (NAWIC, Ventura Chapter) about their efforts organizing next week's Camp.  In a nutshell... I think we may have a village coming to help build! 
Determined WOMEN - there are a bunch of us.  : )
 The Director of the Center for Employment Training in the Camarillo area was so excited to hear about our project, she was talking about getting a substitute teacher to cover for the Green-build Construction Instructor for the week. What an honor to have that kind of reaction. Laurie wrote that she was just looking for a day or a least a few hours of her time. 

The Naval Training Construction Center is sending five female Seabee Builders to us for the week!!  They came to NAWIC looking to get involved again this year. 
A Carpenter Journeyman who brought her carpenter crew two years ago, is coming back to spend a full day with the girls. 

The Green-Build Construction Instructor from the Center for Employment Training will be joining us for at least a day and possibly the full week. 

A former Simi-Conejo Chapter member and President will be our one and only speaker/mentor on Wednesday the 26th.  Her story is inspirational and can be considered a bit of a fairy tale. She was a single mother of two young children working as a hair dresser into the early 80's. She became a licensed contractor in Oregon and California, building log homes before becoming an ICBO inspector in Ventura and finally in LA County. Becoming the lead Building Inspector for one of the biggest municipalities in the US she married the head of LA County Public Works and they have both retired happily-ever-after. We've got her out of retirement for the afternoon. Her presentation is one you won't want to miss. Come down for an early lunch with us on Wednesday to see and hear her story. 
We have several other contractors who are coming out to support and see this project unfold and many others have been invited to come out and help build or just come and see this Tiny Home progress.
I was excited on Friday when I got the email.  This morning, reading it again, and blogging about it - it made me cry.  I can't believe this is all happening on my tiny house!  Wow.  Just, wow.  I am so grateful.

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