Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trip for MAGIC Camp, Day One

I'm in California for my build!  

Day one recap...

I had a mildly frustrating morning at DFW Airport - but ultimately it worked out and I got out of town.  Flight number changed, AIRLINE changed (?!) but -- I got on a plane in Dallas and got off in L.A. with all of my extraordinary luggage, so I guess we will count it as a success.  I'm an optimist.

Laurie met me at baggage claim.  I had offered to put a red rose behind my ear, but she said after having two Skype phone calls with me and seeing photos of me on my blog, that she was pretty sure she could spot me... She's astute.  It was great to have a face and a (gracious) personality to go with the name!

We opted for the non-freeway route from LAX to Camarillo, and it was lovely.  And I got the local tour along the way -- bonus.  I could try to enumerate here all the sights that were pointed out to me but let's be honest - I would totally suck at that - but suffice it to say that I was certain that Charlie Sheen was going to pop out from any number of Malibu cliffs along the way.  (He did not.)  But it was a gorgeous drive, despite the disclaimers of haze.  I don't think I would ever tire of looking at the ocean.  (And that's why I am getting the "coastal coating" on my custom windows.  A girl can dream.)

We cruised up the PCH (look how trendy I am with the local acronyms) and dodged an inordinate number of posses of emergency vehicles.  It was apparently "calamity Saturday" (but maybe that's normal, what do I know?  Nothing.)

We did a drive by past the build site and I laid eyes on (from the service road, through a fence) my beloved trailer.  It had been moved into construction position and is patiently awaiting it's load. My eyes eagerly drank in the visual of the site that we would be working in.  I wanted to go lay on the trailer and roll around on it and bond with it, but honestly hunger got in the way.  (Oh, and the gate was locked - there's that.)  I haven't come up with a name for it yet, but you know that I am contemplating one, and I'm open to suggestions...

After a pit stop to feed koi at Laurie's mother's place (OMG SERIOUSLY, WHO HAS A YARD LIKE THAT?!)  and to give some attention to a beautiful siamese (separate activities for obvious reasons) we made our way to a pert little restaurant for some bruschetta, salads and some wine.  That's when I knew everything was going to be okay - I''m not going to lie, despite the walnuts we devoured from my carry on I was flirting with irrational hunger -- and anyone who knows me can tell you that's not a good place for me.

Our next stop was Trader Joe's.  Several of my friends go on and on about their love for TJ, and so I was anxious for the big reveal.  I liked it fine.  And the staff was super friendly and helpful.  When Laurie and I walked in, I said to her, "Okay here's the deal:  We will split up.  We will each, independently go find 4 items for the evening, and meet back at the register.  GO."  She was amazingly compliant to a directive from someone she had just met.  (Do not read into that.  It means nothing.  She is a strong, independent woman - she just happens to recognize the opportunity for adventure.)  We had previously agreed that the plan was once we got home was sweats, snacks, and ... (can I make wine start with an "S"?) SWILLING.  We had purposely just had one glass at the restaurant, and just eaten a salad so as to have room for snacking and swilling without regard for others.

I bumped into her several times in the store and she repeatedly advised me to avert my gaze from her cart - (this woman takes throw downs seriously - love that - note to self for later in the week... hmmm)

We arrived at her home - so comfortable - and got happy greetings from her malamute, Skye, who loves company.  She is a lover.  She will be great fur therapy for me this week, away from my baby girl Greta.

We unpacked the groceries, I changed into PJs (hey I'm on a different time zone!) and retired to the patio.  Have I mentioned that the high here is 78?  Holy cow.  

On the way to the patio, Laurie showed me the Camp t-shirts - check out this logo - it's the cutest - 

and she gave me a copy of the Camp booklet.  I was sort of taken aback that I had a bio page inside.  I guess it make sense, but ... none of this really seems real yet.  

So we had a lovely evening.  Laurie keeps saying she isn't a hostess, but I am going to have to beg to differ - she's the best!  So gracious and giving...

I don't know what all this week will hold.  I have some expectations, but who knows if they are right?  I am just open to what ever comes next; all the pieces are in place for it to be a spectacular week.  I cannot WAIT for T-Homie to arrive  ::::: love:::::

But I just have this feeling that this week is a life changing week.  I mean, I know it's life changing - we are here to BUILD MY HOUSE - but -- it feels like there is something more.  There is a connection here that I am meant to make, or a vision here that I am meant to see, or.... I don't know.  But I know that I will be a different person when I leave - I just don't know what will be different.  I am so excited to see how all of this unfolds.  I am heading into a life changing week with a whole slew of AMAZING people.  I am so grateful for this life. 

A special shout out to my dear friends who are taking care of my baby girl Greta while I am gone.  You can't know what peace of mind you are bringing me.

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