Monday, June 3, 2013

And More of the Same

My reduction of material possessions continued this weekend... gosh it feels so good!  I tackled a few things that have been hanging over my head:

Sewing Machine & Notions:  A friend and former neighbor is going to "foster" my sewing machine and notions for me.  I don't want to get rid of it, but I don't need it in the immediate future.  And she was having seller's remorse for getting rid of hers - win/win!  I sat down on Saturday and sorted out all the spools of thread (organized by size, of course - OCD) and the bobbins.  And then consolidated all the notions from 3 containers down to two.  And, delivered them to her.  Check.

Christmas Ornaments:  I took down the big cardboard ornament storage box - you know the kind with all the little square dividers - and sorted them.  One pile was the Old World Christmas collectible ornaments; Some of those I am giving away, and some I am selling. One pile was the hand knitted ornaments from my Great Aunt  Hazel; I thought that pile was bigger, but somehow it was only 3 ornaments.  Hmm.  Then I pulled out the 3-4 sentimental ones that I want to keep.  And the rest?  After blast email to sisters offering them, I took them to Goodwill.  (And then I heard from a sister today - saying yes.  Whoops.  Things go fast here, people, you've gotta move fast.  LOL)
I found a friendly home for my golf clubs...and shoes.

I took more clothes out of my closet... and did a trip to Goodwill.

And then?  The big kahuna:  I opened my footlocker.  The home of things like report cards K- 12 and college.  Wedding items.  Sister wedding items.  Glass cats made by grandpa. My old diary from junior/senior high.  Piles and piles of notes I passed in high school.  It was a Pandora's box.  No wonder I had been putting it off!  But now, there is about 6 inches of paper in it.  I toted a huge construction bag of stuff to the apartment dumpster - I literally could hardly carry it.  But again - so nice to have that done!  I should have taken photos of the evidence of my progress, but I didn't.  I was on such a tear it didn't occur to me to document!

More Mason Jars:  I bought more jars, and tackled the nutty situation in my freezer.  Oh my gosh!  Here's what I pulled out of my freezer - total nightmare:

But just a few minutes later, it was transformed into this:

Ahhhh.  I feel sooo much better!  And my freezer is a lot happier, too!

Onward.  Upward.

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