Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Blog is Moving

Exciting news!!!  My website is going to launch today!  

As a result, this blog address is going to change.  Today. The bad news is, because of the change in format, I "lose my followers!"  This is happening on short notice due to another big event (tomorrow, I think!!)   I'm ridiculously excited...  Not everything is up on it yet, so keep checking back for new things that are being added.

We've had very cold weather here in Dallas, plus I've been kicked to the curb with the flu and that's why there haven't been any posts this week:  no construction has happened!  I have found my kitchen sink, though and I'll share that will you soon.

Anyway, starting later today you can find me and all of my glory - er craziness - (ha ha) at the brand new

Please come and check it out!  Thank you...  : )

Friday, November 22, 2013


Some days I am so overwhelmed by the turns my life has taken that literally all I can do is fall on my knees in humility and give thanks.  Yes, I've worked hard, but more than that I've been given so much. 

It all started with being raised to believe that I could do anything.  I don't know the method in which that belief was instilled in me, but it was.

I could make this post into a gratitude list, and list the how's and why's and what's for which I am grateful, but I could never list everything here.  And so I will spread open my arms, take a deep breath, close my eyes, drink it all in and say, "Thank you."  I'm truly just humbled by my life and what surrounds me.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Trip to Amazon

I'm finally forcing myself to shop for my heater and pieces of my plumbing system.  For the record, I loathe shopping.  

Here are this morning's purchases:
Wall Panel Heater

Envi Electric Panel Heater


Digital Thermostat

Water Pump:

SHURflo Revolution Water Pump

Low Flow Aerator:
Bricor Aerator

Shower Head
Bricor Shower Head

Still remaining to be ordered/purchased:

Water tanks - terrified I'll order the wrong size/shape wrong material, with the wrong inlets/outlets placement

Kitchen Sink - really want a farm sink.  (Well, really I want this but I don't think it's being manufactured yet.)

Kitchen faucet - the choices are overwhelming

Bathroom sink - I have this crazy idea of making a really cool, smaller version of this: #4 Abisko Sink

Bathroom faucet - again, overwhelming

Luggable Loo - I can buy this locally and save packaging and shipping

So...... some progress on the pieces/parts.  Plumbing seems more attainable now than electrical, which is just backwards than how it started out!  Since I have a plumber connection in John  (a different John than the John you see on my blog, but this "new John B." will make his appearance as well!) 

The electrical connection (no pun intended) that I thought I had - WELL.  I do not.  His estimate came in at $3700!  THIRTY SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!  That's more than my trailer cost and is just completely outrageous - my house is only 8'x14'!  I just have to think he didn't want the job, and tripled his estimate.  The day I got the estimate by email I had to fight back tears all afternoon.  So discouraged.  But since then, I've adjusted my outlook, and my expectations, and I believe that a solution will come.  Ive been talking with several resources for information, and I'm running down a few leads, and you know what?  If they don't come to fruition and I have to learn to do my own freaking electrical wiring, so be it.  I will be all the stronger and capable.  So there.  $3700...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tiny House Community in Austin, TX

My friend Christy sent me this link to a story about a tiny house community in Austin, Texas.  Austin is so cool...

I would dearly love to be involved in something like this in Dallas.  I'm so happy that tiny house communities are starting to pop up in the news.  Now if code and zoning would become more flexible... but maybe I can make that happen here.  : )

The cottages are small, but cozy. The people who move in will work — some will be provided mobile food carts and there will be a wood shop on site for builders.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Some Job Site Photos

I have a long post (maybe more than one) to write about exterior trim but for now here are a few photos of the job site through out the day today.  I wanted to capture a day at the house during construction . . .

Insulation Ordered, and...

After many telephone calls and internet searches looking for polyiso foam board insulation to buy at a brick & mortar store, I relented and admitted that it is a special order item that I would not have this weekend.

Home Dept had the best price and also had 3" thick sheets, but the catch was that they only sell it in lots of 16 sheets.  Not 14, not 18, but 16.  Or 32.  John and I did some measuring and some calculating, and think that we figured out how many we would need:  16.   I know - weird, right?  But we're going with it.  I called Home Depot to order - and was dismayed to learn it would take two weeks to arrive.  What is up with that?  Isn't it already manufactured and sitting in a warehouse somewhere??  I was also sort of horrified to do the math on how much it costs; but it isn't exactly an optional item, so I took a deep gulp of air and ordered it.  (Thank you, Sara, at the Rowlett Home Depot Pro Desk!)

Later that day on the way home from the lumberyard, John caught me staring out the window in a daze.  He asked me what I was thinking about, and I replied that I was just tallying how much money I had spent that morning.  Sort of a chunk.  I said that I'm a little stressed about money; that I think I'll have enough, but that I won't have extra.  All part of the deal - the final push at the end.

Less than 15 minutes later, my cell phone dinged that I had received a text message.  It was from a long time friend.  Years ago - and I mean YEARS ago, I had paid for something on her behalf, and she was texting to tell me she is ready to wire me funds to pay me back.  And do you know how much it was?  $150 MORE than I had just been lamenting that I had spent! I just stared at my phone - positively astounded.  When I paid the money, I never ever intended for her to repay me.  I had forgotten all about it a long, long time ago.  Totally off my radar.  So to get that text... at that moment...

If I had ever had any doubt (I have not) that I am on the path I am supposed to be on, it's gone.  I have repeatedly gotten validation on my decisions - gotten help when I needed it -- met people I am supposed to meet in the most random of places and situations.   And in response I just look up and utter a word of thanks.  I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing.  Color me humbled and grateful.

Loft Ladder

On Friday we took an excursion to Leroy Jordan Lumber Company in search of a less than run of the mill (arr arr) type of lumber for my loft ladder.  While I dearly love Leroy Jordan, they didn't have a ton of selection for this particular project.  They did however have a referral for me that was nothing short of spectacular, and just around the corner.

Allow me to broaden your horizons as mine were broadened yesterday, and introduce you to Hardwood Lumber Company of Dallas on Goodnight Lane.  If you have any appreciation for lumber and woodworking, this place will make your eyes cross.  And the staff - customer service like you have never seen it before.  But let me back up.

When we pulled up, it was an unassuming garage looking type place in an industrial part of town.  Details were hazy as to where the front door was, and parking was initially elusive.  We were greeted when we wandered in, and after explaining what I was looking for (talk about hazy!) we were turned loose to wander.  And wander we did.  We poked around dusty planks stacked to the ceiling, the names noted in a Sharpie on the board ends.  We admired the enormous mill work machinery and the obvious works in progress - butcher blocks, counter tops - we touched and inhaled the aroma of freshly cut lumber and our eyes rolled back in our heads.  The warehouse ended and we passed through what was akin to a portal to yet another warehouse.  Exotic woods I'd never heard of raised up in neatly stacked albeit dusty piles many feet over my head.  

After a bit a kind gentleman approached us and asked if anyone had properly welcomed us.  He exuded the joy of someone who truly loves what he's doing.  He toured us around the warehouse, full of stories and anecdotes, ideas and advice.  Time flew by.   He had great ideas and I willingly followed his lead, adding in my own stories and ideas, and ultimately pulling out my construction plans to share.

He was patient and so informative, and all the while very aware of staying within a reasonable price range and scheming for me to be able to get everything out of one board to be economical.  The final choice?  African Mahogany!   Seriously!

Tom discussing lumber details
Once we selected the type of lumber, we went into the office to discuss details.    Tom and I in an animated conversation when I heard snickering from behind a computer monitor.  I peered around it and saw another employee.  He had a customer, and then there was another young lady waiting for someone to help her.  Word was out that I had photos of my project, and I pulled out my phone for show & tell.  The room turned into a tiny house love fest - and I got that buoyant feeling that carries me when I tell my story.  

We were there a long time - a much larger part of the day than I had planned to dedicate to my loft ladder, and even though the stop was VERY FUN, I was a little discouraged that we had "lost" so much of the day without tangible progress.  Our plan was to zip into Leroy Jordan, zip through Home Depot and then go back to the house and frame out the kitchen closet and cabinets.  Going to a third, unplanned lumberyard and spending that much time there was not in the plan.  But here's what I've learned:  enjoy the journey.  Embrace the opportunity to tell my story and share my dream, and allow others who want to be involved be a part of it.  My days don't always go as planned, but I've learned to go with the flow, and I've learned that there is always a reason that things happen.  I may not know what the reason is at the time, but it's always revealed to me in time.

We left Dallas Hardwood Company with the agreement that Tom would call me on Monday or Tuesday to pick up my lumber.  Tom would mill/plane the lumber to my custom sizes, sand all four sides, and cut the rungs for me.  Exciting! 

On Sunday morning I awakened to an email in my InBox, sent to me via my Google+ Profile.  It was from the young lady who was in the lumberyard office Friday morning.  She works for a major local news publication, and she wrote, "I don't know if you remember me, but I met you briefly ... on Friday.  I was so inspired by your story and told my editor who also thinks [your story] is great.  I'm wondering if you'd be interested in doing an interview for a story.  We'd love to come out and take some pictures of you and your house and get the word out about the tiny house community you are looking to start."

And so on Thursday afternoon... I'll do my best to speak coherently, and be camera ready.  I am just astounded and am really really excited!  When the story comes out, I'll be sure and link to it. : )

Tom standing in front of an entire stack of African Mahogany lumber

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Today's Learning Curve

Today I am learning about insulation for my walls & ceiling.  (A topic I thought I already understood.  Ahhh ha ha ha ha)  I am ready to start installing insulation in my walls and ceiling in the areas where electrical wiring will not run.  

In my floor I used two layers of Polyisocyanurate (polyiso for short) rigid board foam.  It has the highest R-value per inch (R-6.5 to R-6.8) of any rigid insulation. This type of rigid foam usually comes with a reflective foil facing on both sides, so it can also serve as a radiant barrier in some applications.

I planned to use the same material in my walls and ceiling - but I'm having trouble putting my hands on it in Dallas for some reason.  I know we bought it at the Home Depot in California for MAGIC Camp, but now I think Daniel must have custom ordered it because I sure can't seem to be able to walk into a store and buy it.

I called a local manufacturer, and holy cow was the woman helpful.  (Un)fortunately she also added about 5 things to my learning curve.  First, she ran through 3-4 possible products that would work in my space.  And then she rattled off  "15 minute thermal barrier" which made me look that up...  

The International Building Code (2006 IBC) requires foam plastic insulation to be separated from the interior of a building by an approved thermal/fire barrier of 1/2-inch gypsum wallboard or equivalent thermal barrier that will prevent temperature rise to not more that 250 degrees F (121 C) in a 15-minute time period. Codes regulating unoccupied or inaccessible areas, such as attics or crawlspaces, require that combustible building materials be protected against ignition. Other exceptions exist for special constructions and assemblies.

The 15-minute period is thought to typically be a sufficient time for occupants to escape from a building before they can be trapped, or overcome by smoke from burning wood, plastic or other construction and finish materials. Historically, code regulations regarding thermal barriers apply to occupied areas of commercial buildings, but have often been followed as safety guidelines for residential structures by local code officials.  Source:

Details are hazy whether (a) it's required for residential or just commercial buildings; and (b) whether it's required in RVs.  Disclaimer:  I have not made any efforts to research the answer to either of those questions.  Yet.  I did find a handy list of materials that meet the criteria and I printed that.  (You may view it as well via the link above.)

That lead me to Google "RV building code" and I downloaded the NFPA Standards for RVs (2011) since I would like to have my house licensed/registered as an RV.  I am pretty sure I don't want to read those.  I am also positive that I will... highlighter in hand.  This is fast becoming another chapter in my book - I have yet to find this type of data compiled neatly somewhere for us lay persons... 

In general news...

Just learned that my would-be plumber is meeting me at the house tonight to review the project.  YAY!!

No electrical quote yet... but Dave is probably getting questions answered first...

So I'm chugging along! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Electrical & Plumbing Progress & Other Random Things

On Monday I had my favorite electrician Dave Jones (Electrician on Call - I'll link to his info on a future post) out to the house to discuss wiring and review what I had plotted out as my electrical plan.  I had planned on doing quite a bit of the labor myself, and then have a professional come in to (a) check my work and (b) do all the wire twisting and connecting, but in the interest of the time, if the bid comes in at a reasonable price I am just going to write a check.  Not the way I wanted to do it, but well -- I still plan to be there if/when he does the work and I'll still learn.  Maybe I can be his assistant.  : )

Anyway, I got the usual "I've never done a project like this but I'll find out" and also as usual, I got educated.  My big night on Saturday night was to watch this how-to wiring DVD.  (Yes, I passed up laundry night for a wiring video.  I know - I lead a glamorous life - tell all your friends.)  But Dave was great - answered all my novice questions, and gave me a lot of good information.    I'm expecting his bid today or tomorrow.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that.

And then the plumbing - I think I've found a plumber to help me.  I swear, The Power of Who is a crazy thing - you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone... everyone you need really is within reach, you just have to find them.  I am once again astounded at the way people are put in my path, and how they seem to want to be a part of my project.  If I had a gratitude jar it would be filling up quickly.  I'll write more about as details develop, but YAY I think I am closer to a plumbing resolution.  

In unrelated news, I put Great Stuff expanding foam around windows inside the house... when they say that stuff expands.... well... get ready. 

And on Monday we put some temporary plywood flooring up in the loft and I laid down in it for the first time!  It is divine up there.  I was like a little kid - I peered out my skylight.  I laid down and stretched and cracked my back.  I flipped over and laid on my belly and peered over the edge, down into the living room.  Just... taking it all in from a different perspective.

Boot Love
I'm working on my house every day Friday through Tuesday, so lots of great things will be happening soon.  It's SO FUN out there!  Plus I have a very real deadline.  Eeeek. 

Exterior Window Trim - Done!

We finished the exterior window trim this weekend!  (Except for the stained glass window that I am still waiting on.)  It's sooooo nice to not look at flashing anymore!  Here she is in all her tiny glory:

We were sort of dreading the gable window because we thought it would be hard to reach again, but this part was much easier than the actual window installation; it wasn't bad at all.

It's Official - I'm Moving

Here I am, on the phone with my apartment complex management office, clutching a piece of exterior window trim and giving my 30 days Notice to Vacate.  Yowser!  : )

My emotions are mixed - it's a big step - but mostly it's exhilarating.  I told a friend this week, "I have to give my 30 days notice this week."  Her reply?  "No, you GET to give your 30 days notice this week."  She's so right - it's all about perspective!  I'm not going to tell you that I have no fear - but I have less than I probably should be feeling.  I told someone today that basically right now my house is a garden shed with really expensive windows in it...

I think about how far I've come in the last twelve months and it's all just sort of a blur.  I have grown so much and conquered so many things.   I look at that tiny house in the photo below and can hardly believe that it's MINE and that I am on this fantastic journey!  It's so real tangible.  Attending the Four Lights Tiny House Company workshop last February seems like a lifetime ago.  The knowledge I've gained, the experience I've earned (yes, earned) and the friends I've made - it is dizzying.  I've come to call it The Tiny House Vortex.  C'mon, fall into the vortex - it's lovely here.

I have several blog posts that I need to write - I've been so busy that I just haven't taken the time for writing; that's a bad habit because I sometimes lose some of the emotions with delay. As I separate out all the various posts I have to write, I wanted to start with just a few general observations and photos...

Before I move into my house I'm going to move it to another part of the property so that I am not on the road, and also so I'll be closer to the water connection and the electrical outlet.  This is the spot I've chosen:

I think my desk window will face that view that you see in the photo, and my front door will face the camera.

I worked on my house all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  The weather was picture perfect.  Here is a photo of my workspace in general - it's such a beautiful place!

Here's Greta, lounging on the porch and keeping me company on Saturday - she loves going out there!

On Sunday (or maybe overnight on Saturday night coming into Sunday) some type of switch flipped for me and I felt more empowered and strong than I have felt in the last week, and so capable of making all this happen in the remaining 30 days. On my way to the house Saturday morning, I got all teary while I was driving - my emotions just sort of overcame me for a moment; so grateful.  So happy.  I took a sharpie and wrote the affirmations that I was feeling in a few places on my house-wrapped walls - sealing them into the house.  My emotions made me feel like I was floating.

I arrived at the house on Sunday morning before anyone else was there and moving around, and I took a few minutes to sit down and take in the quiet in my house and do a bit of a meditation, and to ground myself in the amazing space I am creating.  The morning sun streaming in the front door made me happy and warm.

 I cannot WAIT to move in.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Reality Check

I came home last night to a notice on my apartment door from my apartment complex.  They want me to either renew my lease, or give my 30 day move out notice.  Boy, THAT was a reality check!

In the next few days I'll be filling out my Notice to Vacate.  That is both exhilarating and terrifying, LOL!

I'm bringing boxes home from work tonight...

I am going to working on my house today, Saturday, Sunday & Monday.  

I have an electrician coming out tomorrow to assess the project.  He's the one I used at my Patricia house - love him.  I am watching a DIY video on home electrical wiring on Saturday night, and hope to do the majority of the labor myself.  I'll talk with Dave (the electrician) about that tomorrow.  SO EXCITED.

I have a couple of friends coming to help me on Monday; I hope to be insulating the ceilings by then - the areas that won't house wiring.   OH MY GOSH!!  : )  HAPPY.

Stained Glass Window Done!!

Dave emailed me a photo of the completed stained glass window today - SPECTACULAR!!

It will definitely be the crown jewel of the house.  The window has three panes - a center pane that holds the chambered nautilus, which is also the sacred geometry spiral.  The nautilus is flanked on each end by a lotus flower.  Here's a bit of background on the symbols:

Sacred geometry is the geometry used in the planning and construction of religious structures such as churches, temples, mosques, religious monuments, altars, tabernacles; as well as for sacred spaces such as sacred groves, village greens, holy wells (and tiny houses!) and the creation of religious art. In sacred geometry, symbolic and sacred meanings are ascribed to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. 

In the ancient world certain numbers had symbolic meaning, aside from their ordinary use for counting or calculating; plane figures, the polygons, triangles, squares, hexagons, and so forth, were related to the numbers (three and the triangle, for example), were thought of in a similar way, and in fact, carried even more emotional value than the numbers themselves, because they were visual.

The study of sacred geometry has its roots in the study of nature, and the mathematical principles at work therein.  Many forms observed in nature can be related to geometry, for example, the chambered nautilus grows at a constant rate and so its shell forms a logarithmic spiral to accommodate that growth without changing shape. Also, honeybees construct hexagonal cells to hold their honey. These and other correspondences are seen by believers in sacred geometry to be further proof of the cosmic significance of geometric forms. 

The belief that God created the universe according to a geometric plan has ancient origins. Geometric ratios, and geometric figures were often employed in the design of Egyptian, ancient Indian, Greek, and Roman architecture. Medieval European cathedrals also incorporated symbolic geometry. Indian and Himalayan spiritual communities often constructed temples and fortifications on design plans of mandala and yantra. 

Many of the sacred geometry principles of the human body and of ancient architecture have been compiled into the Vitruvian Man drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, itself based on the much older writings of the roman architect Vitruvius.  Source:

And a bit about the lotus flower: 

Anybody who has ever observed a lotus flower emerging from a murky pond cannot fail to see the beauty of this exquisite plant.  The flower always looks so clean and pure against the background of the dirty pond. Because of this the lotus flower has come to be associated with purity and beauty.

This plant is known to be associated with rebirth. This is a consequence of it retracting into the water at the night, and emerging a fresh in the Sun the next day.  Therefore the lotus came to symbolize the Sun and the creation. The lotus is known to be associated with purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness. In some religions it is also associated with beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity.  Source:  

We are getting it over to Omni Window to be installed into the window frame, and then we will install it in the loft!  What a beautiful thing to see every morning when I open my eyes.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

36 Days: Tasks Remaining

Here are what I see as my remaining tasks, somewhat in order that they will be done:

Install stained glass window (don't have window yet)
Exterior trim: windows
Exterior trim: other
Bathroom walls
Kitchen walls
Build loft ladder
Electrical - rough in
Plumbing - rough in
Interior finish - walls, ceiling
Interior finish - floors
Kitchen cabinetry
Interior trim work
Plumbing finish
Electrical finish
Porch lights

Feel free to jump in... lol

Plumbing - A Beast I Must Tackle

New Diagram

So far in my tiny house plotting and planning, the windows have been the most challenging as far as the number of decisions that had to be made.  The windows are installed and beautiful, and now for several weeks the plumbing has been taunting me.

And as far as educating myself, the plumbing roof vents were the most difficult - and then when they were done I felt silly because they were so simple.  The installation was challenging, just because of the amount of wood we had to drill through, but the concept of what they were and how they worked was unncessarily elusive and caused me a great deal of frustration.

And now?  It's the plumbing.  More specifically, the reservoir tanks.  But I'm making headway.  Here's my latest schematic - sorry for the poor image quality.  I'll walk you through it. 

Disclaimer:  I have drawn this myself and I have not yet had anyone with professional knowledge review it.  I have no idea if I have the order of things right or not.  Do not use this diagram to create your plumbing

First there is the outline of the trailer.  The lines with the hatch marks through them are the axles.  Then on the top of the page I've noted the dimensions of the first three bays between trailer joists in front of the axles.  The goal is to keep the tanks as close to the axle as you can to eliminate too much weight on the trailer tongue.  So I've placed the fresh water tank the closest to the axle, because when I'm traveling that's the tank that would be full.  The gray water tank will be in the next bay towards the trailer tongue, because I will always be able to empty that before traveling.  (In my diagram, I have the tanks staggered left and right, but that's just for the ease of drawing the pipes on the diagram. In reality they will be centered.)  I anticipate that both tanks will each be 20 gallon capacity.

All the pipes will run underneath the trailer to their destination, where they will come up through the floor.  The fresh water pipes will be copper with compression fittings.  The gray water pipes will be PVC.

So starting with the fresh water tank on the lower right.  The fresh water tank has a drain outlet (for cleaning) and a fill inlet.  Then there is a pipe running to the water pump that will pressurize the system.  Between the fresh water tank and the water pump, there is an inlet for a garden hose connection for when I am parked, and not using the reservoir tanks.

Onward then from the pump the cold water line splits; one line goes on to the sinks and shower, and one line flows to the tankless water heater.  That will be fueled by propane.  (Not on the diagram; the tank will live in a box on the trailer tongue.)

Out of the tankless water heater the hot water will flow to the sinks and the shower.

Gray water from the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink and the shower will meet into one line, and go through a filter (possibly a mascerating filter) to catch/shred food scraps and hair, etc.  I guess I need to think about how I access that filter to clean it.  Probably as drawn in the middle of the underside of the trailer is not optimal!  LOL  After the filter the gray water will go through an inlet and into the gray water tank.  The gray water tank will then have a drain outlet connected to a hose for directing the flow into landscaping when that is appropriate.

So that's the system I've mapped out thus far.  I need to put it in front of someone who actually knows how it should go for approval.

And then random bits of information:

Order Tanks From:

Recommended Tank Material:
How Low Can the Tanks Hang Under the Trailer?
Run a string from your fwd axle tire (where it meets the ground) to the hitch to get the clearances you have for tanks that will be mounted fwd of the axles. In other words don’t go below the string.

The waste water holding tank has a 3” outlet and tank material below and above so the tank is going to be at least 6” deep.

Cut a ½” piece of plywood the size of the tank (notch where needed) and use several heavy duty “plumbers straps” and metal tapping screws to hold in place. This method is NOT recommended for going to places that freeze, ever. 

I still need to find out slopes for pipes, and I need to nail down specific equipment - the water pump, the tankless water heater, the filter, most of which I think I've already identified and they are on my Pinterest Tiny House Plumbing board. It's coming along I guess.  Gaaaaah  I cannot WAIT until plumbing is done!

If anyone reading has experience and/or advice - please!  Chime in!  : )  Thanks!  I feel like if I can get plumbing and electrical in I am home free.  36 days.

Monday, November 4, 2013

More Exterior (Window) Trim & Misc. Update

I'm back from a four day girls' camping trip - it was soul nourishing and we all needed it for different reasons.  We had SO MUCH FUN.  Every morning we woke up in the tent, laughing.  It's awesome to laugh as soon as your eyes open.  : )  Great friends, spectacular food, roaring campfires, starry night skies and no city noise.  We are already planning a repeat trip in the Spring!  Thank you ladies!  

I worked on my house on Saturday, pre-drilling the rest of the exterior window trim so that installation would go faster on Sunday.  

I also re-taped the kitchen and bathroom details on the floor. (I should have taken photos.)  I had done that before, but it wasn't looking quite right.  Now I know why - the spacing of my windows is slightly different than the plans called for, so Jay's kitchen and bath components are a little off.  The kitchen is mostly unaffected.  The bath, well, the bath got longer (bonus) than how I had originally taped it but the downside is because of where the middle window is, I lose my little closet.  It's not the end of the world - I wasn't positive it was going there anyway - but another little something to figure out.  

I also measured the refrigerator space and compared it to my front door opening to be sure the fridge will fit through the door.  It will!  LOL  Here is the fridge that I want - not positive about red, but ...

Isn't it darling?!  Here's one link to it:  Nostalgic Electrics

I also did some additional measuring under the trailer for my reservoir tank placement - more on that in the next post.

Sunday we installed exterior window trim on the next 4 windows - so this side is totally done!

My reward for finishing a window is that I get to take the window labels off.  : )

So we have one long window remaining on the other side, and then the big picture window on the end, and the gable window.  I don't even have the trim cut for the gable & the loft windows.  Oh, but the stained glass for the loft window is almost done!  I went up to see Dave in the glass studio on Saturday.  We made one color change, and now the window is ready to lead!  It's beautiful - I am so pleased with it.  

The center design is the sacred geometry spiral, and it ends with the tiniest piece of red glass in the middle. 

And then there is a lotus flower on each end.  The turquoise glass that is currently around the white lotus petals on the right is being replaced with that "watery" green colored glass that is laying next to the window.  It really softens it - much better.

I paid my November apartment rent a few days ago - my last full month's rent!  Eeeek!  LOL  I have a lot of work to do on the house this month!  Today I am going to lay out the electrical schematic that came with my plans and see if it looks adequate for my needs.

I'm still just having the time of my life with this project!  Dr. Harkness asked me yesterday if I was ready to build another one and sell it!  I said I needed to finish this one first... but yeah.  I'm game for that life for sure!  I need to get my website launched, and get my book(s) written... and and and - it's going to be an amazing new life.