Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Blog is Moving

Exciting news!!!  My website is going to launch today!  

As a result, this blog address is going to change.  Today. The bad news is, because of the change in format, I "lose my followers!"  This is happening on short notice due to another big event (tomorrow, I think!!)   I'm ridiculously excited...  Not everything is up on it yet, so keep checking back for new things that are being added.

We've had very cold weather here in Dallas, plus I've been kicked to the curb with the flu and that's why there haven't been any posts this week:  no construction has happened!  I have found my kitchen sink, though and I'll share that will you soon.

Anyway, starting later today you can find me and all of my glory - er craziness - (ha ha) at the brand new

Please come and check it out!  Thank you...  : )


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  2. I am presenting the idea of small homes on what currently are considered "unbuildable lots" at the Little Falls, Minnesota city council work session. I would like my city to consider changing the zoning ordinance to allow this. In the last 4 years of my Occupying almost all city council and other boards, I learned that the city currently owns many unbuildable lots. I also know the city has great need of more property tax revenue. It makes perfect sense for Little Falls to rewrite the zoning ordinance to allow small homes. I am not too popular around here because of my anti-war views but they may just consider it.

    1. Look it up. I ran for city council in 2012 and in 2014 for mayor.


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