Monday, November 4, 2013

More Exterior (Window) Trim & Misc. Update

I'm back from a four day girls' camping trip - it was soul nourishing and we all needed it for different reasons.  We had SO MUCH FUN.  Every morning we woke up in the tent, laughing.  It's awesome to laugh as soon as your eyes open.  : )  Great friends, spectacular food, roaring campfires, starry night skies and no city noise.  We are already planning a repeat trip in the Spring!  Thank you ladies!  

I worked on my house on Saturday, pre-drilling the rest of the exterior window trim so that installation would go faster on Sunday.  

I also re-taped the kitchen and bathroom details on the floor. (I should have taken photos.)  I had done that before, but it wasn't looking quite right.  Now I know why - the spacing of my windows is slightly different than the plans called for, so Jay's kitchen and bath components are a little off.  The kitchen is mostly unaffected.  The bath, well, the bath got longer (bonus) than how I had originally taped it but the downside is because of where the middle window is, I lose my little closet.  It's not the end of the world - I wasn't positive it was going there anyway - but another little something to figure out.  

I also measured the refrigerator space and compared it to my front door opening to be sure the fridge will fit through the door.  It will!  LOL  Here is the fridge that I want - not positive about red, but ...

Isn't it darling?!  Here's one link to it:  Nostalgic Electrics

I also did some additional measuring under the trailer for my reservoir tank placement - more on that in the next post.

Sunday we installed exterior window trim on the next 4 windows - so this side is totally done!

My reward for finishing a window is that I get to take the window labels off.  : )

So we have one long window remaining on the other side, and then the big picture window on the end, and the gable window.  I don't even have the trim cut for the gable & the loft windows.  Oh, but the stained glass for the loft window is almost done!  I went up to see Dave in the glass studio on Saturday.  We made one color change, and now the window is ready to lead!  It's beautiful - I am so pleased with it.  

The center design is the sacred geometry spiral, and it ends with the tiniest piece of red glass in the middle. 

And then there is a lotus flower on each end.  The turquoise glass that is currently around the white lotus petals on the right is being replaced with that "watery" green colored glass that is laying next to the window.  It really softens it - much better.

I paid my November apartment rent a few days ago - my last full month's rent!  Eeeek!  LOL  I have a lot of work to do on the house this month!  Today I am going to lay out the electrical schematic that came with my plans and see if it looks adequate for my needs.

I'm still just having the time of my life with this project!  Dr. Harkness asked me yesterday if I was ready to build another one and sell it!  I said I needed to finish this one first... but yeah.  I'm game for that life for sure!  I need to get my website launched, and get my book(s) written... and and and - it's going to be an amazing new life.

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