Friday, November 8, 2013

Reality Check

I came home last night to a notice on my apartment door from my apartment complex.  They want me to either renew my lease, or give my 30 day move out notice.  Boy, THAT was a reality check!

In the next few days I'll be filling out my Notice to Vacate.  That is both exhilarating and terrifying, LOL!

I'm bringing boxes home from work tonight...

I am going to working on my house today, Saturday, Sunday & Monday.  

I have an electrician coming out tomorrow to assess the project.  He's the one I used at my Patricia house - love him.  I am watching a DIY video on home electrical wiring on Saturday night, and hope to do the majority of the labor myself.  I'll talk with Dave (the electrician) about that tomorrow.  SO EXCITED.

I have a couple of friends coming to help me on Monday; I hope to be insulating the ceilings by then - the areas that won't house wiring.   OH MY GOSH!!  : )  HAPPY.


  1. I haven't visited in awhile, so it's amazing to realize how much progress you've made! The moving notice versus uncertain ready date is always interesting. :)

    Do you ever read The Stay @ Home Gardener? He's been building a teeny wee house in Colorado. Complete with stained glass window!

  2. Hi Leigh, thank you!

    I have not heard about The Stay @ Home Gardener, but I'm following him now! Thank you! I looked at his most recent entries and enjoyed it. I'll have to read backwards to get the lay of the land there.

    You're busy too, I see by your blog! : ) Good for you.


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