Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's Official - I'm Moving

Here I am, on the phone with my apartment complex management office, clutching a piece of exterior window trim and giving my 30 days Notice to Vacate.  Yowser!  : )

My emotions are mixed - it's a big step - but mostly it's exhilarating.  I told a friend this week, "I have to give my 30 days notice this week."  Her reply?  "No, you GET to give your 30 days notice this week."  She's so right - it's all about perspective!  I'm not going to tell you that I have no fear - but I have less than I probably should be feeling.  I told someone today that basically right now my house is a garden shed with really expensive windows in it...

I think about how far I've come in the last twelve months and it's all just sort of a blur.  I have grown so much and conquered so many things.   I look at that tiny house in the photo below and can hardly believe that it's MINE and that I am on this fantastic journey!  It's so real now...so tangible.  Attending the Four Lights Tiny House Company workshop last February seems like a lifetime ago.  The knowledge I've gained, the experience I've earned (yes, earned) and the friends I've made - it is dizzying.  I've come to call it The Tiny House Vortex.  C'mon, fall into the vortex - it's lovely here.

I have several blog posts that I need to write - I've been so busy that I just haven't taken the time for writing; that's a bad habit because I sometimes lose some of the emotions with delay. As I separate out all the various posts I have to write, I wanted to start with just a few general observations and photos...

Before I move into my house I'm going to move it to another part of the property so that I am not on the road, and also so I'll be closer to the water connection and the electrical outlet.  This is the spot I've chosen:

I think my desk window will face that view that you see in the photo, and my front door will face the camera.

I worked on my house all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  The weather was picture perfect.  Here is a photo of my workspace in general - it's such a beautiful place!

Here's Greta, lounging on the porch and keeping me company on Saturday - she loves going out there!

On Sunday (or maybe overnight on Saturday night coming into Sunday) some type of switch flipped for me and I felt more empowered and strong than I have felt in the last week, and so capable of making all this happen in the remaining 30 days. On my way to the house Saturday morning, I got all teary while I was driving - my emotions just sort of overcame me for a moment; so grateful.  So happy.  I took a sharpie and wrote the affirmations that I was feeling in a few places on my house-wrapped walls - sealing them into the house.  My emotions made me feel like I was floating.

I arrived at the house on Sunday morning before anyone else was there and moving around, and I took a few minutes to sit down and take in the quiet in my house and do a bit of a meditation, and to ground myself in the amazing space I am creating.  The morning sun streaming in the front door made me happy and warm.

 I cannot WAIT to move in.

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  1. LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE where is the love button? <3 I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!


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