Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Electrical & Plumbing Progress & Other Random Things

On Monday I had my favorite electrician Dave Jones (Electrician on Call - I'll link to his info on a future post) out to the house to discuss wiring and review what I had plotted out as my electrical plan.  I had planned on doing quite a bit of the labor myself, and then have a professional come in to (a) check my work and (b) do all the wire twisting and connecting, but in the interest of the time, if the bid comes in at a reasonable price I am just going to write a check.  Not the way I wanted to do it, but well -- I still plan to be there if/when he does the work and I'll still learn.  Maybe I can be his assistant.  : )

Anyway, I got the usual "I've never done a project like this but I'll find out" and also as usual, I got educated.  My big night on Saturday night was to watch this how-to wiring DVD.  (Yes, I passed up laundry night for a wiring video.  I know - I lead a glamorous life - tell all your friends.)  But Dave was great - answered all my novice questions, and gave me a lot of good information.    I'm expecting his bid today or tomorrow.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that.

And then the plumbing - I think I've found a plumber to help me.  I swear, The Power of Who is a crazy thing - you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone... everyone you need really is within reach, you just have to find them.  I am once again astounded at the way people are put in my path, and how they seem to want to be a part of my project.  If I had a gratitude jar it would be filling up quickly.  I'll write more about as details develop, but YAY I think I am closer to a plumbing resolution.  

In unrelated news, I put Great Stuff expanding foam around windows inside the house... when they say that stuff expands.... well... get ready. 

And on Monday we put some temporary plywood flooring up in the loft and I laid down in it for the first time!  It is divine up there.  I was like a little kid - I peered out my skylight.  I laid down and stretched and cracked my back.  I flipped over and laid on my belly and peered over the edge, down into the living room.  Just... taking it all in from a different perspective.

Boot Love
I'm working on my house every day Friday through Tuesday, so lots of great things will be happening soon.  It's SO FUN out there!  Plus I have a very real deadline.  Eeeek. 

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