Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Blog is Moving

Exciting news!!!  My website is going to launch today!  

As a result, this blog address is going to change.  Today. The bad news is, because of the change in format, I "lose my followers!"  This is happening on short notice due to another big event (tomorrow, I think!!)   I'm ridiculously excited...  Not everything is up on it yet, so keep checking back for new things that are being added.

We've had very cold weather here in Dallas, plus I've been kicked to the curb with the flu and that's why there haven't been any posts this week:  no construction has happened!  I have found my kitchen sink, though and I'll share that will you soon.

Anyway, starting later today you can find me and all of my glory - er craziness - (ha ha) at the brand new

Please come and check it out!  Thank you...  : )

Friday, November 22, 2013


Some days I am so overwhelmed by the turns my life has taken that literally all I can do is fall on my knees in humility and give thanks.  Yes, I've worked hard, but more than that I've been given so much. 

It all started with being raised to believe that I could do anything.  I don't know the method in which that belief was instilled in me, but it was.

I could make this post into a gratitude list, and list the how's and why's and what's for which I am grateful, but I could never list everything here.  And so I will spread open my arms, take a deep breath, close my eyes, drink it all in and say, "Thank you."  I'm truly just humbled by my life and what surrounds me.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Trip to Amazon

I'm finally forcing myself to shop for my heater and pieces of my plumbing system.  For the record, I loathe shopping.  

Here are this morning's purchases:
Wall Panel Heater

Envi Electric Panel Heater


Digital Thermostat

Water Pump:

SHURflo Revolution Water Pump

Low Flow Aerator:
Bricor Aerator

Shower Head
Bricor Shower Head

Still remaining to be ordered/purchased:

Water tanks - terrified I'll order the wrong size/shape wrong material, with the wrong inlets/outlets placement

Kitchen Sink - really want a farm sink.  (Well, really I want this but I don't think it's being manufactured yet.)

Kitchen faucet - the choices are overwhelming

Bathroom sink - I have this crazy idea of making a really cool, smaller version of this: #4 Abisko Sink

Bathroom faucet - again, overwhelming

Luggable Loo - I can buy this locally and save packaging and shipping

So...... some progress on the pieces/parts.  Plumbing seems more attainable now than electrical, which is just backwards than how it started out!  Since I have a plumber connection in John  (a different John than the John you see on my blog, but this "new John B." will make his appearance as well!) 

The electrical connection (no pun intended) that I thought I had - WELL.  I do not.  His estimate came in at $3700!  THIRTY SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!  That's more than my trailer cost and is just completely outrageous - my house is only 8'x14'!  I just have to think he didn't want the job, and tripled his estimate.  The day I got the estimate by email I had to fight back tears all afternoon.  So discouraged.  But since then, I've adjusted my outlook, and my expectations, and I believe that a solution will come.  Ive been talking with several resources for information, and I'm running down a few leads, and you know what?  If they don't come to fruition and I have to learn to do my own freaking electrical wiring, so be it.  I will be all the stronger and capable.  So there.  $3700...