Monday, June 24, 2013

MAGIC Monday, Part 1

It's 11 p.m. at the end of the first day of the build, and I'm almost laughing too hard to even type.  Ernie is completely out of control - I am seriously just CRYING - she will never live this down...  AHEM.  So - the day.  I will try to pull myself together.

There are too many photos of the day, so I'll split today into two posts.

We had an AMAZING day.  I am so happy I don't even know how to being to explain the day to you.  I was completely overwhelmed for a good part of the morning - full of disbelief of what was happening:  Camp.  It was finally here.  MY house.  All of these people giving their time and O M G the trailer!!! 

There I am.  Sitting on my house foundation.  You GUYS!!! O M G!!!

My materials were delivered

And unloaded...
The facility at the ACE Charter School here in Camarillo is so perfect - there's a great indoor classroom space with indoor restrooms (!!  you laugh, until you have worked somewhere where that isn't the case...) and a secure place for tools and materials overnight.  

We had so many people giving their time and talents - paid and unpaid - I was just so.. honored and  - I don't know, words escape me, and the photos don't do it justice - we have so many construction professionals it is mind blowing.  Women from the Construction Batallion (SeeBees - these women do not fool around - they can do anything) of the local naval base, local contractors, local Green Build instructors, the list just goes on and on. And more people are coming throughout the week. And a special shout out to Daniel Bell of Daniel Bell Construction.

And the workspace outside the building is a great set up --

Materials being sorted
So that's the first part of the morning...

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