Sunday, June 23, 2013

Preparing for MAGIC, Day Two

Sunday in Camarillo.

Last night, sleep came easily after a full day.  I woke up at 6 a.m. this morning - okay, so on Dallas time that was actually sleeping in, but still - sorta dang early for a Sunday on vacation.    Laurie slept in a bit and then we lounged around (p.s. to my Dallas friends -- it was too COLD outside to have coffee on the patio... I know, I'm mean...) and then showered and got in the car  to Home Depot and Michael's for a last minute trip for Camp supplies.

I'm not sure that dear Laurie really understood the breadth of what she was taking on, offering her home to Ernie (f/k/a/ T-Homie) and I for the week.  Holy smokes.   We are completely out of control - it is WAY TOO FUN.  And after 4 trips to two different grocery stores inside of 24 hours, her kitchen is filled with all sorts of fabulous things...

Meanwhile, Ernie was texting us travel progress as she drove the 7 hours from her home to Camarillo.  A lot of good it did her - we weren't here when she arrived!  She pretended to be bitter, standing at the front door with her luggage, with nobody home.

And THEN the fun ensued.

We popped into a few other stores and then picked up Laurie's friend Jennifer and headed to Ojai.  We tried to go to Feast Bistro (owned by a carpenter journeyman friend of Laurie's - she is also coming to the Camp!) but it was unexpectedly closed.  Disappointed but undaunted, we skipped down two doors and found some comfortable chairs and some wine.  When we left, a fellow patron stopped us and asked us if we had grown up together. ??  Er, no.....?  She said that from our conversation it seemed like we all knew each other really well.  LOL  Ahhhh and so it begins.

Next we headed to The Farmer & the Cook - this amazing little organic cafe.  OMG.   We sat outside and solved world problems over spectacular food and really entertaining people watching.  My people.

Then we asked MAN IN PLAID SHIRT if he would take our photo on the way out.  But then... tragedy. 

 But then she righted herself:

Honestly we were all laughing so hard in the car, that even with the windows rolled up we were turning heads.  I don't know how Laurie was able to drive home, laughing as hard as she was..

And on the ride home?  "Eric & Ernie" was born.  You'll just have to ask us about that.  But don't worry if you forget - you'll hear about us soon enough, I am certain....  We are going to be famous.

Tomorrow is the kick off of Camp.  We have to BE there at 7 a.m.  Eeek.  The wine bottle got corked a bit earlier tonight than last night.  Early to bed for all of us.  More tomorrow...!!!!

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