Monday, June 17, 2013

Another Window Dilemma

The answer to this is really form follows function, but ... I still must put it out there for conversation.

My loft window.  The lovely little window that will be a custom stained glass work of art just inches from my pillow.  Will it have the "eyebrow" arch design?  Or will it open?

The arch isn't hugely pronounced, but --

I really can't imagine not being able to open that window... even if my skylights do open...

There's a matching one on the opposite end - it may end up disguising my air conditioner though...

(Sorry, neither of those angles are great...)

So, the window shape is probably going to have to change to a rectangle from the arched.  Will that be so terrible?  It just hadn't occurred to me that that shape would prohibit it from opening.  Ahh the learning curve.


  1. While a rectangle would also be lovely, I love the arched look! Could the window be made to swing open like a door? That way it could be opened without giving up the wonderful arch.

    Or, it could be designed with a hinge on the very upper part of the arch and swing upwards and inwards. If you install a hook and eye system to the inside bottom of the window and to the interior surface of the wall the window is on, you could swing it all the way up and out of the way.

    Enjoying your journey from afar,
    Jenna M

  2. Hi Jenna!

    I know - isn't the arch great? But two window manufacturers have told me that with that shape it must be a fixed window. It's a drag. My window learning curve has been... vertical! LOL

    I will likely relent and put in a rectangular window - I just can't NOT have that window open. It's right by my pillow! I can already smell the night air and the rain through it. Sigh.

    Thanks for stopping by. How far away is "afar"?


  3. Well boo for the arched window having to be fixed in place! I would definitely choose fresh air in that case myself. I think that the beauty of it being stained glass will more than make up for the lack of an arch, though.

    We are currently in South Korea where my husband is stationed. We both have family all along the I~35 corridor though, so I've especially enjoyed seeing a fellow Texan's journey towards living tiny. We are planning to drastically downsize (or rather, "right-size") our home when we return stateside and have been working towards that goal while overseas. The best part is that I think our daughter is just as, if not more, excited for this massive change of lifestyle than I am. :)

    Jenna M

  4. Oh, my sister and her husband were in Seoul for a while in the 80's, he was in the Army. Quite a cultural experience back then, I understand. They had the most amazing clothing made!

    How old is your daughter?

    I've requested a revised window quote with that window swapped out. Although I keep trying, apparently I can't have everything!

  5. This is actually the second time my husband and I have been over here. We met ten years ago when we arrived at the same unit on the same day. Ten years later, we're married with two kiddos and seeing Korea through the eyes of our children instead of through the eyes of a couple single soldiers. Talk about a whole different country! lol

    Our daughter is eight and our son is almost two. He isn't quite old enough to really understand what we're planning, but our daughter thinks of it as a fantastic adventure. When I sat down and started discussing the idea with her, it was amazing to see this very aware person emerge. She brought up how, if we had our own little house on wheels, we wouldn't have to pay first/last month rent or pet deposits and that she would actually be able to paint her "room" whatever color she wanted and not have to get rid of it everytime we move somewhere else (I think this was the most exciting part to her...hehehe!!) It was so neat to watch her brain work and bring up things that I never realized she even knew about.

    It looks as though we'll be moving at least three times in the first fifteen months after we get back, so we've decided that going tiny and taking our home with us when we move will be the best thing for our family. It's always fun to go to new places, but we wanted the kiddos to have a little bit of stability throughout all our moves. We'll probably go the RV route at first, as our building window when we return will be ridiculousy tiny (ahahah, pun totally intended). Plus, doing a "tiny test run" will help us to find things that work for us (and what doesn't) so that when we build our actual house, we know it will be the perfect fit for us.

    Jenna M


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