Monday, June 10, 2013

Ordering Windows

I am ready to order my windows!  I've submitted my "perfect world window criteria" to a Marvin window retailer near Camarillo, and I'm waiting for the dollar figure to come back.  Frankly I'm sort of bracing myself, because I know it's going to be a big ticket item.

Here is the wish list:

For all the windows:
Interior finish: pine
Exterior finish: aluminum clad, Wineberry
Hardware: will Satin Taupe look good with the pine?
Tempered glass vs. regular?(traveling)
Screens (are they easily removeable?)

5 windows (living room and bathroom)
21”w x 41.5 h
3 over 1

1 window (kitchen)
21”w x 32” h
 3 over 1

1 window (picture)
49”w x 30”h
5 over 1

1 window (loft)
25”w x 13.5” h  (rounded over top) see link above for house photos
Awning – this will have a custom stained glass go in it – don’t need glass
I'd like this frame shipped to Dallas so I can give it to the stained glass guy.

1 window (gable)
25”w x 13.5” h   (rounded over top)
3 panes horizontally

After cost, the remaining factor is when the windows will be installed, which determines where I have the windows shipped.  Daniel isn't sure we will get as far as windows at my Camp build.  If that is the case, I will have them shipped to Dallas (and likely just order them from a Dallas retailer) not Camarillo.  I don't want to have to tote them back to Dallas with my house; that makes no sense.  I've submitted my order to a Dallas company as well, because I have a feeling they will be installed here.  (I dare say that I am the first window customer who offered to bring their house TO the window factory, rather than having a window rep come to me...)

I hope the numbers aren't completely outrageous, so that I can cross window decisions off my list!  It has been a big item for me in more ways than one.

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