Sunday, June 16, 2013

Spices, Rearranged

After a few rounds of trying to play kitchen ninja, I re-worked how I am storing my spiffy new spice tins.  You may recall this, from last week.  I sort of could have predicted that having them stacked up like that wouldn't really work, but they were so.... orderly.  But every time I cooked, Murphy's Law dictated that the spice I needed was at the bottom of the stack.  Not nearly ninja enough!  

And so then I was just putting the recently used ones at the top of the stack after use, but my OCD would not allow that to continue - they weren't alphabetic anymore, and finding the one I needed next time wasn't as easy.

Now they are laid out in a tray that I had:

The corners of the tray are rounded, which jacks with the tin alignment (yeah I know, I am totally geeking out now) so I rolled up a kitchen towel on the end.  I made two recipes this morning - a vegan "omelette" and roasted almonds - both which used several spices, and my ninja spice action totally rocked.

I'm narrowing down what spice storage will work in my tiny house already!  Stacked?  No.  A flat drawer?  Maybe.  I still really want them just out in the open somehow....

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