Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Magic

Another amazing day!

This is the house at 7 a.m.:

And here's the house at 4 p.m.:

I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of the build.  I don't want to go home!  (Not to worry, Laurie, I will... ha ha)  

I just told Nina that I have about 15 blog posts in my head and I don't have time to get them all out of my head, down my fingers, onto the keyboard and out on the screen.  I felt this way last Fall, and earlier this year - just so much in my head  - and not enough time to document.  I've taken a ridiculous number of photographs every day, and I'm not the only photographer - this has to be the most well documented build ever.  I even have videos!

I've been taking several categories of photos - catching the girls doing tasks, capturing the mentors teaching, getting up close shots of techniques for construction reference for Nina's build, just funny entertaining shots, and then the "big" shots - walls going up, the roof going on, windows being cut out...  I intend to sort them out, but man, I'm taking 100-200 photos at day.  For FIVE DAYS.  Yeah.  See?  Well documented.  LOL

Nina's and my shopping excursions are basically Trader Joe's and Home Depot.  And recently we found a SBUX, so we added that.  But the car is on auto pilot - everything is blissfully close - but I think we hit both places every day, and sometimes multiple times per day....  hey, we NEED things.  Important things.  Avocados and hurricane ties...  Aren't those things on everyone's shopping list??

Here are a few random photos - and then I need to unpack and repack the lunch cooler.  Tomorrow comes extra early and tomorrow is a big day - finishing up and a graduation ceremony.  Holy cow.  

Wonder Woman...

Daniel on the fork lift

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