Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last Day of Camp

Here's how far we got - this is Friday evening.  Isn't it beautiful??

Thanks for the photo, Nina... er... Ernie, f/k/a T-Homie.


  1. Hey BA! I just want to tell you that I was so happy to be apart of your next journey in life! It was so amazing to see all the high school girls pretty much "MAN" up to the task at hand! :) (proven by how each of them proudly wore the beards he he!) I am ever so greatful of the inspiration that you have blessed us with! Hope to see you pave the way to tiny home living in Dallas! SEABEES CAN DO!

    1. Oh and by the way my dad was so proud! :)

    2. Hope - Thank you for writing - and thank you for coming to Camp. You and yours opened my eyes to a whole new category of fantastic women! If you want a CD of photos, please email me your mailing address. (Please let the other SEABEES know, too.)

      I expect a race photo with the WW socks! : )

      Live small with abundance -


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