Sunday, June 30, 2013

Job Site Resourcefulness and Creativity

We had some resourceful and creative folks on the job site last week.  Here are two examples, and I'm sure there are more...

Nina forgot her belt, so she fashioned one out of the strap on the lumber that was delivered:

It even had a buckle:

She said that it worked great - she wore it more than one day - except that the buckle was really hard to get undone, so it required some planning ahead...

And then two of the girls presented me with a tiny house they made for me - I just love it!

They said they had some extra time and that they made it out of scraps.  I love that the nail is both holding it together and acting as a chimney!

I don't think Nina kept the belt - you know the downsizing rule of thumb - one new thing in, two or three old things out -- but I'm definitely keeping the little house!  It's on my night stand now, and I'll find a special place for it in my tiny home. 

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