Sunday, June 30, 2013

And Then, post-Camp Sunday Morning

I am back in Dallas after MAGIC Camp in sunny California.  I tried to sleep on the plane - I only got about 3 hours of sleep on Friday night - but I was too keyed up.  When I got home my dog was here to greet me - that's the BEST - and my air conditioning was on the fritz.  It was 80 degrees in my apartment.... 

I spent the next two hours with an apartment maintenance man.  He was here until 11.  Do the math... I got 3 hours of sleep on West, coast time... yeah.  I wanted a shower, a dog snuggle, and my own bed.  But hey, I have a lot of fans, and I have them all on high.  He was very nice - and he's coming back this morning.  He had to wait to daylight to get on the roof.

I'm still sort of in a post-Camp daze; I need to decompress.  I'm still unable to put the whole experience into words. It's 8 a.m. Sunday morning and I'm sitting on my living room floor with coffee.  My cursor blinking at the next paragraph.  It's hard to come down from an 8 day high.

I guess the first thing in my head is the Camp girls.  Holy smokes.  If you ladies are reading this, here is a huge virtual high five!  You totally rocked last week.  It was fantastic to watch you work as such a well oiled team - and many of you didn't even know each other when you arrived.  You started out screwing a whole pile of boards together.... that part seemed to last forever, didn't it?  But on Wednesday, the third day of Camp, when you started raising entire walls ... to see the realization that now it was a HOUSE?!  I'll never forget your faces and your pride. (Guess what?  I'm crying.  LOL)

I have a short soundtrack in my head from that afternoon - Jasmine, your friend stopped by in the afternoon and you literally jumped up and down and pointed at the house and said, "Look what we did!  LOOK.   WHAT.   WE.   DID!!!  I don't think I will ever forget that.  I hope I don't.

I have a million of those flashes in my head.  I can close my eyes and be back out there with all the construction noise, and the... and the...  well, you know, you were there.  Soak it in.  Hang onto it.  

I have a few days of getting re-grounded ahead of me.  Honestly, I want to pack a bag and go back to the airport.  I miss everyone so much!  It feels really weird to be home in my apartment again, with a Monday morning at a law firm waiting for me.  But the flip side is, I'm super motivated to get rid of the rest of my possessions, and get ready for my house's arrival into Dallas in TWO WEEKS.  

I'm really glad to be back to my ROK espresso maker.  I can't wait to have my next phone call with Nina, and talk about our week.  I LOVE YOU NINA!!  I can't wait to have my Sunday night neighbor dinner.  I can't wait to hit the GYM in the morning.  I'm excited to tell everyone about the week and put together a brief (ha ha impossible) slide show of the build.

OH! -- Everyone who was at the Camp - I totally forgot -  I meant to tell you all that I'd love some guest blog posts from you!  What did you love about the week?  What do you think about the tiny house way of life?  What do you remember most?  If you want to email me a few paragraphs, I'll post it with some photos of you.  Believe me, I have a billion photos of each of you -- I took 100-200+ photos EVERY DAY.  LOL  Yeah, this is probably the most well documented build week ever... LOL

That's me, in my Amish beard, crying, watching the 4th wall go up.  What a day.  The roof was next...


  1. How great to see group of people helping one another to build a house. And some of them didn’t even know each other. They really deserve a high five or a pat on the back for a great job. Raising a wall is not easy, what more a roof right? But I guess with their dedication, nothing is impossible.

    Jaime @

  2. Hi Jaime,

    Thanks for you note! I've copied your comment over to my new blog location. : )


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