Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wisdom & Wine

The Wisdom & Wine night was fun!  A good turnout - maybe about 30 people.  Everyone got up and did a 60 second intro of themselves and a bit of wisdom, and then a handful of people did a 5 minute talk about their journey of change the the wisdom they've learned along the way.  My little talk went all right - I'm slowly getting a tiny bit better at speaking in front of a group...  I'll post the text of what I spoke about on my website when it launches next month.

I had fun preparing my house for my first Open House.  I wrote some narratives about the house, and tried to cover the usual FAQs and then did a bit about MAGIC Camp, and also posted a few photos from MAGIC Camp and of the interior of the house from Four Lights' website.

It was a fun exercise for me to go through, remembering what all MY frequently asked questions about tiny houses used to be.  But as Nina pointed out, you can never give enough information - people always want more.  It was fun but at the same time weird to be preparing for an Open House - I had to pinch myself - it seems crazy that I'm to the stage that I have things to "show & tell."

Unfortunately I had to leave before people started going into the house - the program was running a bit behind schedule and I had someplace else I had to be - but Dr. Harkness said everyone loved walking through it and that they actually stayed after dark!   I wish I had been there, but I'm really glad to hear that people enjoyed it.

A big thank you to Amy for coming with me to W&W night - she's a good friend.  As usual, we met some really amazing people at the event!  Dr. Harkness has a way of bringing interesting folks together into one room.

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