Saturday, October 12, 2013

Roofing Day!

Friday morning the roofing crew arrived around 9:15 a.m.  Jason was the crew leader, and then with him were Francisco and Gabriel.  It was a fascinating process - how fast (and how flawlessly) they formed the metal on site using hand tools was amazing.  And Jason was very patient with me and my elementary questions - answering them all in a manner that a lay person could understand.

Here are a bunch of photos from the day:

Unloading the panels

Something had to be done to each panel; I'm not sure what.

I promise you that Francisco is bending steel and is not doubled over in pain...

Just the beginning- there was a huge pile by the end.  He was so fast!

First the bottom edge...

Then this white strip... for clipping onto, I think he (Jason) said?

Half of the first peak done!  My first view of the color.  LOVE.

The first panel... the sun made photos challenging but the weather was great.

The second panel and the crimpers (my term, no idea if that is accurate)

And so on.... panel after panel... 

Both sides of front peak done...

Finishing first side!!

And WHERE is his ladder??  I could hardly watch. They were like billy goats up there.

Finishing the second side... I was totally dancing by this point.

Adding the ridge cap...

Yes, Francisco is bracing Gabriel's foot.  Again - avert your gaze...

Jason forming the ridge cap

Look at that beautiful roof!  And the perfectly capped purlins...
I was exceptionally happy that the cap hides the damaged purlin...

Clark Louver Company has been in business for over 50 years and it shows.  They are professional, prompt, courteous, they picked up all their trash, and were ridiculously efficient.  It was so fun to watch the process -- I'd never seen a metal roof installed before.  Really really cool.  I can't recommend them enough!  A huge thank you to Greg, Randy, Jason, Francisco & Gabriel - you guys ROCK.  There will definitely be a brass plaque on the who's who wall with your name on it.


  1. It looks like they really did a great job on that metal roof! And doing their own cleanup afterwards is definitely a great plus! Then again, with 50 years in their mantle, it’s not surprising to see such professionalism in their work.

    Btw, do mini-houses get a roof shout as well? Heh.

    Charles Terry Construction Co.

  2. Hi Charles,

    I am just SO thrilled with their work! Things happen for a reason - now I know there are many reasons that I switched roofers... : ) Life is funny that way.

    What is a "roof shout"?

  3. Wow. How long did it take them to finish everything? Congrats on the new roof! It really looks solid from the pictures.

    I was also curious as to what a roof shout is, and found out it doesn’t really involve shouting for the most part. Apparently, you treat the people who helped with finishing your roof with a few bottles of beer after the work is done. But I guess that only works if you personally knew the people who did your roof. Haha!

    1. Hello Maricela!

      Thank you for the kind words! I am really happy with the roof. They finished in one full day's work - no lunch break.

      Thanks for the scoop on what a roof shout is - now I wish I had offered one... live & learn.

      Thank you for dropping in and commenting!


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