Saturday, October 5, 2013

Weather Tight

My house was still dry inside after last night's rain - I'm weather tight!  Well, maybe not "tight" but draped enough that no water got in.  When John and I left on Friday night the skylight was mostly installed and tar paper was being put on the house.  The roofer and his crew were still working.

Last night in the middle of the night the rain woke me up and my thoughts immediately went to panic about whether or not my house was rain-ready.  I talked myself out of the tree recognizing what will be will be (I'm profound even in a sleep stupor  - HA) and forced myself to roll over.

This morning I had to buzz out there for something else and I opened up the house to see how it fared - bone dry.  So relieved!  The tar paper won't last forever, but for a few days it should do the job.  I snapped a photo while I was there:

I brought Greta out there for the first time - she LOVED it.  I explained to her that we were going to be living out there soon but I'm not sure she understood...

And then today Jim offered to wrap the purlins in plastic after I expressed concern that I hadn't gotten sealant on the tops of them.  They are so high!

I'm grateful for his work.

Here are the cedar planks laid in place on the porch (they are not attached.)  I still need to wrap the porch - cover up the ends.

It's still the cutest thing I've ever seen.

The color striations in the boards don't seem nearly as prominent in person as they appear in photos.

And by the way - that thing I like to say about doing one thing every day that scares you?  I've been totally nailing it every day.  : )

Last night my leg starting giving me trouble again while I was sitting on the floor.  I tried to sit Indian style on the floor and my upper/outer shin muscle (right under my knee, the anterior tibialis, thankyouverymuch) did this weird crunching thing and pain shot down my shin.  Last week when it was giving me trouble I self diagnosed as tendonitis.  It went away after 5 or so days of pampering.  This morning I got out of bed and once again nearly fell down when I took my first step on my left leg.

And of course in the category of spectacular timing, today was my volunteer shift at the Butterfly House at the State Fair -  the State Fair, where everything is spaced about a half a mile apart.  I can hardly walk; ice feels positively divine.  I've tried various wraps and braces with marginal success, and I've been layering oils on it a few times a day.  Another visit to Google tells me it might be the fascia, or a non-mainstream type of shin splints - it hurts way too much to be tendonitis, in my experience.  I'm not sure what I'll do.  I'm afraid if I go to the doctor she'll put me on crutches and I just can't do that!  Number one, well hello I'm building my house.  Number two, I get to go hear one of our cases be argued in the Supreme Court in Austin on Tuesday, and I do not want to be there on crutches!  (But likewise there is absolutely no way I can walk in heels...)  BUT.  Today is only Saturday.  And that isn't until TUESDAY, so -- I'm sure I'll be magically healed by then.

I was going to go work on my house tomorrow, but I'm not sure I that I'll be able or that if I can that it would be smart.  I really wanted to get my front steps built, finish affixing the front door hardware, attach the porch planks and wrap the porch and reorganize my tool shed.  Sigh.

P.S.  Good night, Elaine - it was fun to see you today!  Thanks for reading - sleep well.  : )


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