Wednesday, October 2, 2013

House Move Day! (Or is it?)

I'm going for it.  The house is moving today/tonight.  I'll tarp the exterior siding if it rains on Saturday.

Aaaannnd so much for the gym: I made it 11:52 minutes before my tendonitis flared up.  I've done hard weights two days in a row, so I just came back to my desk and I've made friends with an ice pack.  Sigh.  Apparently laying off cardio for a few days wasn't adequate recovery time.  Gaaah.

I just checked the weather and we have 40% chance of rain on Saturday.  Do I believe that?  I don't know.  I do know that it' causing me to reconsider my schedule for the next few days.  Honestly! I like the rain, but - it's causing me a lot of trouble lately...

Here's what I had envisioned:

Skylight arrives.
James (owns Justin warehouse) moves house to Garland (evening)

BA installs plumbing vents in roof
Jim (roofer) & BA install skylight.
BA applies stain/seal to exterior sheathing.

AllTex Roofing installs roof.

BA continues staining/sealing exterior & exterior trim
Cuts out windows

OmniView Windows hopefully available for window delivery/refresher installation course
BA completes installation of windows
** Except I've now realized that I have to be in Austin for work on Monday & Tuesday.

Do I risk rain & carry on -- get the roof on and wrap the house walls in plastic if it rains?  (Leaning towards this option....)

Do I push everything back to Wednesday of next week?  REALLY don't feel like I have time for that...
I've emailed the involved parties this morning for thoughts & input.

WHY AM I HAVING SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH SCHEDULING?!?!  Gaaaahhh!!!!!  I'm going to the gym.  Hopefully I'll have some stellar brainstorm to report later.

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