Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Windows are Here!!

I have so much to blog about that I don't know where to start - I am definitely behind on posting!  There is a lot going on with my house!  John came out and helped me again today.  I LOVE that he makes me do things myself - I love the challenge and he's an amazing teacher.  Thank you, John!

The windows were delivered today.

The trailer was really huge, considering the

I simply can't say enough things about OmniView's employees.  They are so professional and polite, and knowledgeable, and, and, and... they've earned a brass plaque in the house for sure.  : )

Kenny & Michael unloading the windows
Busy day... lots of folks around
Rudy & Joel may not have been dressed for a construction site, but they swooped in with a plan and the tools necessary to execute...

Rudy (L) and Joel (R) marking cut lines
Cutting out window (framed behind sheathing)

They drilled a hole in each corner (from the inside where the framing was visible) and then marked (on the exterior) lines between the holes.

Joel was a master with the circular saw.  It was tricky to cut out the windows and not damage the flashing that was already in place.  He didn't even nick it.

Initial set of the window

I have a WINDOW!!!

The installation is easy:
Cut out the sheathing with a circular saw.
Place the window, center it, square it, level it. (Make note - is the trailer level?)
Apply a heavy, continuous bead of caulk where the fin will be.
Affix screws in the fins in two diagonal corners.
Confirm square.
Use screws to affix the the other corners.
Flash* it: bottom, then sides, then top (layer like shingles to keep water out) Not done yet.
Install exterior wood trim.

Daniel has since suggested that I flash over the existing flashing to cover the edge of the exterior sheathing.  In tiny houses on wheels, weight is a consideration.  The exterior wall layers are, from the inside out: studs, house wrap, (window flashing), sheathing.  That leaves the edges of the exterior sheathing vulnerable at the window opening.  If I cut the windows out, then flash again, then those plywood edges are sealed.  (I'll take photos to show this when we install the next windows.)

There is more to add to this post, but I've gotta go to bed - I've hit a wall - I'm literally falling asleep typing...   Back out there tomorrow morning at 8 am. -- my ROOF GOES ON TOMORROW!!

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  1. Wow, I haven't visited in forever and look at you! Progress! Love the windows. I know you must be very excited to see this dream coming true.


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