Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm Official!

Well, maybe not, but I at least have the appearance of being official!

I never thought I would actually lay eyes on it - you can't believe how many phone calls I had to make to my trailer company to extract this - they did a number of screw ups.  They told me it would take "no longer than 3 weeks" and that was in JUNE.  Yeah.  It's OCTOBER.  But!  I have it.  And thanks in no small part to Daniel, who rescued it from being returned to the State of CA by his housemates (it was mistakenly shipped in my name to his address.)

And when I unwrapped it from the mail today, this also fell out of the package:

I can't imagine why Daniel thought I could use that!  LOL  Me?  Stressed?  Just because my apartment lease expires in 40 days??  HA.  La la la la la

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