Sunday, October 27, 2013

Exterior Window Trim

Yesterday after I got the house cleaned out and ready for the Open House, I had time left in my day to cut my exterior window trim.  It went faster than I expected.

And then today my friend Renee came out and helped with staining and sealing it with Penofin:

Isn't her shirt cute?  LOL  We stopped at Garland Road Thrift Store (thrift store love) and bought her a $2.00 men's shirt because she didn't have any grubby clothes to wear - staining and all.  But then we found such a great shirt, that she was really liking it a little too much and didn't want to get stain on it!  It was really funny...

And then John came out, and we figured out the bevel cuts for the 2x2" that becomes the window sill; you want to cut it so that it sits at a downward angle so that rain will run off the window sill.  My table saw is new, and a different brand that my old one was, and we actually had to read the manual to figure out all the widget-y features.  Renee apparently found our antics self education entertaining - there was a lot of laughing coming from the stain department while we jockeyed around the saw...

It's a great saw, though - it's the DeWalt portable job site table saw.

Ripping a 1"x6" into 1"x3"s
Cutting the bevel edge (I look really serious here but just moments before I was doubled over, laughing)

Tomorrow I have a little bit more staining/sealing to do, and then we can install the window trim!  I'm super excited - it's going to transform the look of the house AGAIN.

At days' end, here is the Sunday crew:

John & Renee
 As John says, he's been sucked into the tiny house vortex - I do believe that today Renee firmly landed in it as well - she wants to come back & work some other days!  It really is an insane amount of fun... I'm really grateful for good friends and so much laughing!  It's good for the soul.

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