Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tiny House Update

I'm not much in the mood to write - but here's a brief update.

I fired my roofer today for non-performance.  I've hired another roofer at a higher price.  I'm unhappy.  I'm bitter.   I'm frustrated.  But I'm smarter.

In happier news, my windows are being delivered tomorrow!  Omniview is going to give me an installation tutorial (that I am going to have videotaped!) and I am taking Thursday and Friday off and dedicate those days to window installation.  I am over the MOON at the prospect of having my windows open again!

I have several things to accomplish this afternoon to be ready for the windows tomorrow.  I was so sure that I was getting a roof first that I was focused on those tasks - so now I'm doing a tiny bit of a scramble for the windows.  But it will work out.

I must make time to get up to see David, my stained glass guru.... 

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