Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tiny House on the Move Update

Good morning all!

No, my house isn't here yet - but its just a few hundred miles away!

I just texted with the driver, Brian:

Anyone asking you questions about what you're moving?  (Because you know I can't STAND IT that I'm not the one moving it...)

At almost every stop... As a carpenter myself, I LOVE telling them that a bunch of high school girls built it in a week!!!  Speaking of which, my hat is off to ya. What a great way to help today's youth.

I started crying in my kitchen.  My dog came and stared at me.  Nothing makes me cry faster than to talk about MAGIC Camp.

Last night I had organized a small house arrival welcoming party - a few friends, some champagne, a few snacks. 

When the house was delayed, I was left staring at a bottle of bubbly on ice.  You can probably guess what happened next.

It wasn't immediate... I hemmed and hawed about it.  But then I realized that today would be a work day (tiny house work) and that I couldn't have morning mimosas AND have a productive day.  (It's supposed to rain here Friday - 80% chance - I have to get the house ready.)  So, with my Queen of Rationalization crown firmly affixed, it seemed very logical.

My favorite flute - bought it at The Gypsy Wagon

And it was good.

I had a long conversation about the house with Daniel last night.  He had mixed feelings about letting the house go - he had a lot of little bits of information to tell me about what to do, and what to look for, and what to expect... and then questions for me - things for me to look at when it arrives and to let him know.  It was sort of like he was sending a child off to camp for the first time. ".... and don't forget sunscreen.  And she really likes that pink pillow... and.. and.."  I LOVED him for it.

This morning while I wait to hear from Brian I am gathering some random things together in my apartment to take out to the site.  My construction plans.  Some reference books.  A broom.  My lunch!  I need to locate a bucket of Penofin to apply to the exterior of my house and a sprayer.  If I can't put my hands on it today then I need to buy a couple of huge pieces of plastic to protect my house from Friday's rain.  And I need to go talk to the guys at the Home Depot Pro Desk about some rough cut cedar trim.  

I'll be sure to post when the house arrives, and I'll put up photos tonight for sure. 

Thanks for reading!

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