Monday, September 30, 2013

Big Week for the Tiny House

Saturday I drove to Justin to spray Great Stuff into the ridge of my house to seal it before the roof goes on.  It took me a little over an hour to get there. I chatted with James, and then I drove my car back to the warehouse where my house is and unloaded some tools and things into the house.  We stood in the warehouse assessing if we were going to use a forklift or a crane to get me up high enough.  With either choice we were going to need to pull the house out of the warehouse - there isn't any room along the sides of the house inside the warehouse for equipment.  About the time a plan was formed, the sky broke open and it started raining. Rain was in the forecast for Saturday, but not until the afternoon.  It was 9 a.m.   We waited a bit for the rain to relent, but no such luck.  I got back in my car and drove back to Dallas.  That's two and a half hours I'll never get back - and another task left uncompleted.  I was so frustrated when I left - it seems like I just keep having these minor setbacks.

I'm mildly flipping out that tomorrow is October and I haven't been able to do any physical work on my house since it arrived here.  I was in Home Depot yesterday and they have fully decorated Christmas trees on display!  Then I turned the corner into the appliance department and there was a huge sign proclaiming that the holiday are "just around the corner!"  Gaaaaah!  By the time Christmas arrives, I will be LIVING IN MY HOUSE.  The house that at  this point is an unfinished wooden box.  Breathe.  Do not panic.  Daniel assures me I will have enough time.  I'm still trying to buy him a plane ticket to Dallas...

This week has the potential for a big house week, though!  

Here's the daily line up:

Monday (today):  Cedar lumber delivery.  I have some scrap lengths of 2x4"s in my car (my car smells so good, lol) to stack the cedar on.  I also bought a 6 mil plastic tarp to cover it.  No rain in the forecast, but with my current track record I'm not taking any chances.

Tuesday:  Skylight should arrive in Fort Worth!  As soon as I receive the final specs on the skylight from Rudy I will do a post about the type of skylight I ordered.

Wednesday:  Drive to FW to pick up the skylight (sure hope it fits in my Apply the Great Stuff to the ridge, and then help James move the house to Garland!!

Thursday: Install skylight & two plumbing vents

Friday: Install roof!!

Also, my windows should have arrived last week - I'm awaiting confirmation - and I'll drive to Fort Worth and pick up the frame for the loft window, and take it to David, my stained glass guy in Addison.  While I'm there we will finalize my stained glass design.  Then he can start working on that!

I'm going to be doing a lot of driving this week, it appears. 

Over the weekend I will apply the stain/seal to my exterior plywood cedar sheathing, and cut and stain/seal my cedar lumber (exterior trim.)

And then next week I'll install the windows and I'll be weather tight!! (And likely spend my first night sleeping in my house!  I see a sleeping bag on the floor...)  The prospect of getting all of those tasks done makes me deliriously happy.  DELIRIOUS.

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