Friday, September 13, 2013


Huge news!!  I booked the transport of my house today - LA to Big "D".  I am over the mooooon.

A huge shout out to James & Angela for helping me get it nailed down!!  We are using a service called uShip.  You post what your freight is, and then haulers (of many kinds) bid on your cargo.  In the end I had four bids to choose from.  Who knew?

We (okay Angela) posted that the house would be ready end of day Sunday.  We have a guy scheduled to pick up Sunday or Monday afternoon and he'll be in Dallas Wednesday.  But, he doesn't really want to dangle around from today (Friday) until Sunday, so he said if he can grab another load in between he may not pick up until Wednesday, and arrive here Friday the 20th or Saturday the 21st.  He is going to let me know when he knows.

As soon as I knew who was going to be hauling my baby across the country I emailed him, and almost simultaneously he called me.  I did my best to form a bond with him - to let him know that this may be the most precious cargo he's ever hauled.  Yeahhhh  I'm not sure he gets it.  LOL  BUT!  He will send me a video of a walk around of the house before he pulls away from the school.  That will be super cool.  And then I'll chew my nails for three days.  I know I'm gonna cry like a baby when he pulls into the drive.  Yes, all of you people who know me from MAGIC Camp, my house still makes me cry with happiness. : )

Meanwhile, since I have a date for arrival, I called my awesome amazing friend Rudy at Omniview Window & Door to check on my window order.  My windows are slated to be in his shop sometime around the 24-25-26th.  I told him I think I want the windows in before the roof (total procrastination on plumbing decisions) and he advised against it.  "Roof before windows" he advises, so the roofers don't break any windows.  Oh.  Hmm.  Well okay, that's logical.  Roof first it is.

Then I emailed the already living tiny Jim at Alltex Roofing to let him know the status so he can order the materials and line up a crew.

You know what I have to do now?  I have to figure out where in the heck my two plumbing vent pipes are going to pop through the roof.  I'm such a visual person that in my mind I think I have to stand in my house to do that.  Do I?  I don't know.  I also have to order my skylight (that's singular now, instead of plural due to recently gained insight.  That's another post.)  I need to get the skylight installed and the venting pipes installed before the roofer comes.  Monkey on my back.

Daniel is doing the design/build/install of my front door this week - THERE'S a thought that makes me giddy.  He does such beautiful work - I am SO lucky.  (And I know it.)

When the house arrives I cannot WAIT to fling open my front door (er, um, I mean quietly admire my front door and then gently open it with the respect fine carpentry deserves) and lay down and roll around in my house and say hello once again.  "Hello, tiny house, I have missed you so!"

I should be weather tight in two weeks.  OH MY GOSH!!!



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