Monday, September 30, 2013

Cedar Delivery!

Monday's task is completed - I accepted delivery of the cedar!  The arrangement was that the driver would call me when he was an hour out so I could meet him in Garland.  I was worried that he would call while I was at the gym, but it was almost noon when he called and I was at my desk.  I wore a dress and heels today, so I had to be a ninja in my car in the parking garage and change into jeans & boots.  Then I wasn't even out of downtown yet and he called back - he was there already!  Um, not an hour.  But he was happy to wait for me.
This is the wood for my exterior trim, and also for my porch braces.

It smells amazing.  The 4x4" post and the big 4x6" post are still quite wet - so they are really aromatic.

I laid 2x4"s on the ground, then unrolled my plastic, and Florentino from Lee Roy Jordan Lumber stacked it neatly on top.  Some of the boards are 16' long - my plastic had to be huge!  I swaddled it like a baby... I am not risking rain!

This looks sort of sinister, doesn't it?  Or have I watched too many movies?

I LOVE Lee Roy Jordan Lumber.  Number one, they stock hard to find specialty woods, and in the case of my cedar they were less expensive than Home Depot.  And they are so ridiculously polite in there - never dubious that you're a chick in there ordering lumber (I also ordered my ipe there for the back porch at my Patricia house) and their customer service totally rocks.  And on top of all that, they are just a short drive up I-35.  Really convenient.

Here is their website: 

According to their website,
"Lee Roy Jordan leads the industry as one of the largest suppliers of Redwood and other fine specialty woods in eight states."

Plus you just have to love that Texan sounding name... : )

After that I zipped back to work, did the reverse ninja in my car again, and walked back through the lobby in my dress & heels.  It's weird how energizing jeans & boots are...I feel like I can conquer the world.

This is all starting to feel real now...

Oh!  And I bought a new drill set (driver-drill & an impact driver) last night!  I bought an extra battery too - a bigger one.  Yeehaw!  I'm all set.  I'm still wishing that my table saw hadn't burned up during my last Patricia house project, but alas, it did.  I'm going to try to not replace it.  I think I'll be good with my chop saw and my circular saw.... We'll see.

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