Thursday, September 5, 2013

More Wet Bath Leg Work

Yesterday afternoon I went to two bathroom and kitchen design showrooms.  I had some fantasy that they would know something about wet rooms, and/or have options for the threshold of the wet room.  Ahhhh.  Foolish girl.

The first place was recommended to me by an interior design friend.  The people in the showroom were super nice - but when I said what I was there to discuss I got a totally blank stare.  The woman had never even heard of a wet room. ??

As I waited for a salesperson to help me (which never did happen - I didn't have an appointment) I wandered around.  I have a new thing to be totally overwhelmed with:  faucet and shower fixtures.  Extreme overload. There were literally hundreds of styles and colors!  I am going to need my friend to come with me - he will know how to narrow it down.  I hope.

I looked at the hardware, but mostly my eyes were just glazed over.  I looked at bathroom and kitchen sinks, but nothing grabbed me.  I looked at front porch lights, and found this one that I like (and it is reasonably priced!)

I emailed it to Dave, my stained glass guy and asked if he thought it was too boring.  He replied, "Not by the time we're done with it!"  I'll shop around a little more, but I like it.  And it affixes to the wall, it doesn't hang - which is good for travel.

And I saw this Atlas fan which I adore:

I'll definitely be wanting something like that!  Isn't it gorgeous?  It didn't have a price on it - that's always scary.  I haven't look for it online yet.

The second place I went to was not nearly as nice as the first place, but the sales people were sort of snotty.  I got answers like, "ohhh well WE don't do things like that" and "Oh well ANY plumber can do a wet room."  Really?  And you have experience with that?  Why am I dubious...?   I got raised eye brows and skeptical looks when I said I was my own contractor.  Apparently I don't look the part. Two ladies actually exchanged knowing glances right in front of me!  They would have died if I had shown them what I am building - I should have, just for shock value... lol 

So I guess my next step will be to go to the big box home supply stores and look at their waterproofing materials.  I've ordered a sample from a company online, so that is coming.  I have a decent picture in my head of how I see it all going together, but I'm terrible at sketching things, so I'm procrastinating.  Yesterday I started researching sheet metal supply in Dallas... Ohh to have the power to hit "print" to print the image in my head!  Alas...


  1. What sort of building/finish materials are you using in your wetbath?

    I think I want to do a wetbath with removable tub (like this: I can have the best of both worlds :-)

  2. Hannah,

    I've sent you a personal reply to your email. My answer was too long to post here! : )



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