Friday, September 27, 2013

House Status

Now that my house is in Texas, I'm getting a lot of inquiries about exactly where it is, and what I've done to it since it arrived. My house is still in Justin, which is about an hour away from me.  I am trying to leave it there until my skylight comes in, because it is in a warehouse, protected from rain.  And what have I done to it?  Really nothing.  All my tools are in Garland, and my aging dog's needs prevent me from spending more than 2 hours in Justin, so there's no point in toting all my tools out there.  So I'm sort of hamstrung.

Once I get my skylight, then I can get a roof.  The original estimate I was given for skylight delivery was 2-3 weeks.  That was if I ordered it from Home Depot.  But Rudy, my magical window man at Omniview Door & Windows in Fort Worth is getting it faster - possibly by Tuesday of next week!  

Once I get a roof, I can get windows. That should happen the week of October 7th  And once it's moved from Justin to Garland I can put on the Penofin to seal my exterior siding from rain.  (The location in Justin is too dusty to apply it there.)  The roof and the windows will be installed in Garland, so it looks like my house will move mid week next week!  Hopefully it won't rain... I'm stupid excited.  I can't WAIT to get my house moved to Garland so that I can start working on it in earnest.

Tomorrow I am driving to Justin to do a few things on the house.  I need to spray Great Stuff in the ridge (from above) before the roof goes on.  James is going to help hoist me up that high - I think he has a man lift or scaffolding or something.  I also plan to finish affixing my front door hardware.  The trick is, the windows aren't cut out yet, so it's uber dark in the house.  I need a headlamp... lol

I was going to work on staining/sealing the cedar for my exterior trim tomorrow in Garland.  I ordered it and it was to be delivered today.  However, when I saw the rainy forecast for the weekend I pushed delivery to Monday.  : (  So frustrating.

Sunday I am going to have coffee with a tiny houser wanna be who lives in Richardson.  She found me online and wants to meet - I'm looking forward to that! 

It's probably good that my lumber isn't being delivered today and that I'm not planning to work on staining it this weekend - I woke up this morning with tendonitis and I can hardly walk!  I'm not sure what is going on with that... It will make getting up on the roof tomorrow .... interesting.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. Skylights are definitely a good idea. I haven’t seen a plan for a mini-home without one. I guess it all goes down to how to get the most efficiency out of the small space that you are provided, and an easy way to light up the whole house definitely fits into that list. Hopefully you can get one done soon so you can get the roof up as soon as possible. Good luck!

    1. Hello Nelson!

      My skylight arrives today! Installation tomorrow, I think. I can't wait to stargaze from the comfort if my loft.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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