Sunday, September 22, 2013

Project Schedule Change

Soooooooooooooooooo..... Yesterday I learned that skylights take two to three weeks to come in after you order them.  Why does that seem like an eternity to me? Honestly, I figured it would take seven to ten days.  But honestly?  I've never ordered one before, so I was basing that on absolutely nothing.  (Just on how I wish the world to

My order of things was going to be plumbing roof vents, skylight, roof, windows.  Weather-tight in two weeks, I predicted.  Um, no.

My window guy strongly suggests the roof go on before the windows - thereby eliminating the risk that the roofers break a window. That means no skylight, no roof, no roof, no windows.  Sigh.  Weather tight in a month.  Gaaaaah.

As far as I am concerned, this is a cruel joke the the universe is playing on me:  forcing me to address plumbing - the portion of the build I am most dreading.  Last night I got the bright idea to find an RV repair company who deals with reservoir tanks and plumbing lines to help me understand the layout.  I found a local company whose website leads me to believe is decent, looked up their address and guess what?  I'm friends with the owners of the company from whom they lease their space, who also office next door.  WEIRD.  I'll be making a trip there...

I am also going to find the same version of marine repair and go talk with them.  I just need the overview - what connects where and why?  Then I feel like I can tackle it myself.  I just need to understand the end goal.

I know my reservoir tanks are going to "live" under my trailer, thereby conserving interior space.  I am going to have straps welded on the underside of the trailer to support the tanks.  And where is my house right now?  In the warehouse of a steel company.  Hel-lo!  Fortuitous.  I need to move along with this ASAP because it cannot stay there very long; they need the space my house is in.

There are several other things I could be doing - building my front steps, building my loft ladder, flooring my loft.  But no.  I will dutifully face my demon and figure out the plumbing and be done with that.


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