Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Next Steps

I'm not sure what day to transport my house to my site. Saturday?  That would give me the weekend to work on it... But risky with rain, even if there isn't any rain in the forecast after Friday.  Regardless, here are my immediate thoughts on what needs to be happening ASAP:

Towards Weatherproofing
Exchange the Penofin (I bought the wrong color!  That means another hour+ trip to FW)
Brush dirt off exterior of house
Apply the Penofin
Order cedar trim

To Facilitate Roofing
Order my Velux skylight
Buy a plastic drop cloth to protect extra lumber
Empty the lumber out of the house
Sweep, and tape off the outline of the kitchen & bath - to visualize plumbing
Research & determine plumbing layout
Buy materials for plumbing roof vents (ordered special drill bit today!)
Install roof vents
Install skylight
Seal ridge
Install yoga hook?
Call & schedule roofing crew

Buy flashing
Cut out windows (Can. Not. Wait. to do this)
Windows should arrive circa 9/25

Towards Being Weather Tight
Finish attaching front door hardware

Admire my front door some more
Decide on flooring
Figure out threshold
Adjust/trim door
Affix porch decking & seal
Build front steps & seal

I'm sure this list will change many times...

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