Thursday, September 26, 2013

Plumbing Roof Vents

UPDATE:  I knew I forgot something.  This is the drill bit for drilling from inside the house, up, through to the roof.  A hole saw won't work because of all the layers - which include a double top plate.

For the drill bit size:  If your pipe is a 2" pipe, then you want a 2 1/8 or a 2 1/4 inch bit.

Note:  A few of you have emailed me and asked me the purpose of plumbing vents.  You can read about why they are necessary here.


I am finally feeling like I am making some progress on wrapping my head around some plumbing issues.  I'm now completely comfortable with the previously very intimidating roof vents for plumbing pipes... it makes me feel like a rocket scientist.  Not really, but ... I am pretty darn pleased that I figured it all out - especially since these vents are one of the critical path items towards getting my roof installed.

This is what the traditional plumbing roof vent looks like (although my roof will be metal, not shingled):

I need two of these; one to vent my kitchen sink, and one to vent my shower and bathroom sink (tied together).  If I install this style, I'm going to be sure and put some type of screen over the top so nothing fall into the pipe (and into my reservoir tank.) 

Here's a diagram that shows you how this ties into the system:

Diagram credit:

These two videos are helpful with regard to what goes on outside, on top of the roof where the vent comes out of the roof:

And here is a diagram showing the installation on a metal roof; the vent pipe is just a piece of black ABS pipe.  (Similar to PVC but better for this application.)

 Pipe boots are sold at Home Depot for less than $5 but they only have gray.  Not the most attractive thing to have on your roof.  But I found this site that sells colored ones for just a few dollars more:

And then this might be an option as well -- an RV vent cap.  This could be painted to match the roof.  I need to check with my roofer (Jim at Alltex Roofing) to see if this would work on a metal roof...

For inside the house, I watched a video and captured these screen shots:

 Here is the source video for those two photos:

As far as placement of the vents, ideally you want a straight shot from where the pipe connects with the related plumbing, up through the roof.  For the kitchen, I just need to identify where my sink is going to be, and install the pipe between the two closest studs.  The bath will require a bit of thought, but nothing awful, I don't think.  I'll just need to figure out where the sink is going to go, and the shower head, and then where those two pipes will join, and put the vent pipe there....

So now you know what I know... unless I forgot something, which I'm sure I did.  But seriously?  I would have paid money to have this information all neatly compiled in one place... I hope you find it helpful.


  1. You KNOW I find this helpful...I'll be needing it soon enough!
    The pipe boots kind of look like piles of poop but I guess it wouldn't if I got the blue one to match my roof.

    1. What have you been eating? LOL

      I updated to include the Daniel-approved drill bit.

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  6. Not really, but ... I am pretty darn pleased that I figured it all out - especially since these vents are one of the critical path items towards getting my roof installed.

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  8. Hi, I read your comment about covering your new roof drain vents. Last year we installed new vents to our roof and forgot to cover them. They got really clogged up with leaves and other debris that we had to get them professionally cleaned, so do cover them. Good luck with your project.

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