Sunday, September 22, 2013

So Glad You're Not a Dude!

Back in August I put an "ad" on Craig's List that I am building a tiny house in Dallas.  I invited folks who are interested in tiny houses to get in touch with me.  Maybe they want to see one, and/or are interested in building one, or - ha - are interested in getting experience with the construction of one.

A few days ago I got another response to my ad from someone who said they have been wanting to build a tiny house for years.  We agreed to meet at a local coffee shop yesterday afternoon.

We had only exchanged emails with initials for our names.  Yesterday afternoon we texted, but from the name of my fellow tiny houser I still could not ascertain if they were male or female.

When I pulled into the lot and parked, Ashley appeared at my elbow as I opened my car door.  "Are you BA?"  "I am! You must be Ashley - hello!"

Ashley is a young college aged woman.   It turns out she doesn't live far from where I will be doing my construction.  She told me about her dream to build a tiny house, and how paying rent for an apartment just doesn't make sense to her.  She said her family and her boyfriend have adjusted to her idea after initial skepticism.  She's even been sketching out her floor plan - she wants an 8' x 20' house.  She's also already been downsizing her possessions.  Like me, one of her problems is shoes.  LOL  She wants to build on wheels, and has a family who are in a business with access to large trucks, so moving her house won't be a problem.  This girl is thinking things through.

She said she doesn't plan to live in it forever, but that she "has to try it."  That sounds familiar.  I asked her how she first heard about tiny houses, and like me, she can't recall.  "I wish I could remember, but ..."  Ah yes.  Me too.

We had a delightful afternoon, comparing notes and dreams.  I told her I would let her know when my house made the final leg of its trip into the area.  "I just want to stand in one," she said, to "get an idea of what it feels like."  

After a while she sat back in her chair and said, "I'm just so glad you aren't a dude!  I think it's so great that a WOMAN is building her own house.  I told my grandmother that I could do it."  And I think she's right - she can.

(with permission)


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