Thursday, April 4, 2013

Some Major Fun

Sometimes when you roll over in the middle of the night and are wide awake, and you grab your phone to see if anything is happening in the world, you find something fun in your InBox.   In the wee hours this morning, I found received this entertaining/incriminating/soul nourishing bit of footage from Jay Shafer: You Should Have Been There

I want a do over.  That was the.  best.  week.

Maybe we should crash the L.A. workshop this weekend.  Bwaaa ha ha ha ha

You can't see her behind the camera, but let's give a big round of applause and thanks to Gabriela Sosa - she followed us around for 5 days - and we were not a camera savvy group!  Our heads got in the way, we talked over each other, we said all the things that made us look really smart when we were outside mic distance... I'm sure filming us was like herding cats.  Plus it was cold.  And she looked like a suicide bomber with the equipment and battery packs strapped to her.  We told her to be sure to steer clear of airports....

She did, however, get the spend the night in here every night:

Packed and ready to go home.
We were all insanely jealous.

 And, this post wouldn't be complete without a shout out to Nina & Judy:

(And we know our gang sign...)

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  1. SO AWESOME! Looks like a wicked good time :-) I'm just a tiny bit jealous. Maybe more than a tiny bit ;-) Thanks for sharing! What a fun video.

  2. This was a great week. I miss everyone that was their to help out. It was a great group.


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