Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trailer Color

I am choosing light gray for my trailer color.  SNORE.  I flirted with being nutty and getting Victory Red, but I never really was very serious about it - fun to talk about though.  

Black was immediately out - so harsh.  So.... regular.

Forest Green was tempting (and my Mini is British Racing Green - awesome if I were going to pull my house with my Mini...) but ultimately it didn't feel right long term.  So, light gray.  (You can see what my choices were here.)

I am turning that detail in to the trailer place this morning.  And when I call, I am also going to speak with them about hooks for tie downs.  I had planned on those when James was fabricating for me, but then I forgot about them.  I talked with mom last night, and she asked what I'll do in a storm if it gets really windy - and that reminded me.  I love that she and dad are sitting around trouble shooting on my behalf! 

Estimated time frame for completed trailer fabrication?  April 22-26th.

This has nothing to do with my post - but it makes me laugh.  This is a resourceful dog!

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