Saturday, April 6, 2013


Friday afternoon I printed a few great recipes, went to the grocery store, took my dog to the dog park, and when I got home settled in for a quiet night at home.  I donned sweat pants, and started cooking... knee deep in two recipes and I felt a splash of water on my cheek.  I was at the sink - I thought, "Oh, weird - hmm I guess that splashed up."  Then facing the stove I got another splash on my forehead.  A big drop of water.  Perplexed I looked around... and looked up... my fire sprinkler was dripping rapidly.  ??

I looked in the living room, and there was dripping over my desk (okay, it's a card table..) where my laptop, my external drive, my modem, my super duper diamond cut shredder, and where anything else of value that I owned resided.  I swept the decks of the card table - eyed the sprinkler over my big TV (dry) and thought, "Is the building on fire?" and dashed across the hall to a neighbor.  "Um, hey, I live across the hall, are your fire sprinklers dripping??"  No. 

The neighbor came with me to my place - now water was literally pouring out of a can light in my livingroom -- and I grabbed my bedside rug (super thick cotton) and my bathroom trash can.  She offered to go upstairs and see if they had installed a pool that was leaking.  I called emergency maintenance - explained what was happening.  In a painfully slow manner she detailed my information and followed that up with , "So is this an emergency?"  ??  Seriously?  It's RAINING IN MY LIVINGROOM.  Check the box for "emergency" and let's move along.

Short story, after multiple visits from Jorge, the on call maintenance man -- I learned that the dishwasher in the apartment above me didn't do what it was supposed to.  Well, it did part of what it was supposed to, and then it drained into my livingroom.  I am now am hosting this

lovely piece of equipment in my home until Monday.  It's loud.  And it's a terrible conversationalist.  Let's hope it does the job and that I don't have to deal with ceiling sheet rock repair, and that no weird smells develop.

But the reason I'm sharing this story with you?  I was texting with my sister Mona in San Diego, and when she read what was happening the first thing she texted was, "THAT would never happen in a tiny house!"  And there you have it.

In unrelated news, my friend Amy had ducked into my place this evening - and as she was ducking out she announced with a gleam in her eye, "I ordered something for you, and it came today!"  She had caught me off guard and I think I sort of just stared at her - and then she presented me with these:

They are Wonder Woman socks.  Complete with capes.  She said, "I saw these, and I thought, 'I know a Wonder Woman!' "  Made my whole night.  She bought a pair for herself, too, so if you are in old East Dallas, be sure and watch for us -- because you KNOW we will wear them.

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