Friday, April 12, 2013

Window Dilemma


Please put your creative thinking caps on...  I need to think outside the box for a window issue for my little house.

The construction plans call for 3 small windows on each side.  
I wanted to elongate one window on each long side of the house down to a height that a dog can see out of.
Several great minds told me that all the windows should match so that it doesn't look wonky from the outside
 When you walk into the house, the bathroom is on the right and the kitchen is on the left.

So two living room windows (well 4, two on each side) are no problem.  The bathroom window is no problem.  But the kitchen window - a long one will run into my kitchen counter.

The goal is to have all six windows the same, and have the tops of them at the same height, for aesthetics.
So I need to think outside the box - what can I do differently to that window to make it look okay from the outside?
Daniel suggested moving the kitchen to the back wall where the desk is, but I don't think I like that; I'd either be cooking in my living room space, or my living room space gets pushed more to the front of the house and I'll be sitting and looking at the bathroom.  Plus I lose that "great room" feel that you get when you walk down the hallway and the back of the house opens up.
I suggested doing the full length window in the kitchen even if part of the window is blocked by the counter - but Daniel says then the counter doesn't have anything to attach to.

Could I put something below that window on the exterior to fool the eye?  Could I make that window all stained glass?  (But then it probably wouldn't open, which is critical for a kitchen.)  Or, do I really need all three windows on that side to match?  I acknowledge that would be the best, but -- if I can't do it -- how bad is it?
I need to decide Saturday or Sunday of this weekend...  no pressure, folks!  LOL  Thanks.



  1. Stagger them...the first one by the living room be just as low equally with window two as two is with the living room may be six feet whereas the middle one four feet and the kitchen window two feet..just an idea.johnny..

  2. Thank you, Johnny! I had another person suggest that - it's a viable idea.

    It was my pleasure to talk with you today about my front door! I appreciate the opportunity to work with you -- I'll see how all of that shakes out!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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