Sunday, April 28, 2013

Window Design and...

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting very often lately.  I've felt sort of ... immobilized.  Lots of things are happening but they aren't 100% cemented, and so I'm reluctant to write about them.  If you've been reading me for a while (as in, back to My 1929 Tudor) you know that I don't like to post about a project or an idea before it's completed.  It's sort of personal motivation rule...

But, to every rule there are here is the first of my two announcements... although, lol now the windows seem anti-climactic - I'm not sure I should categorize them as an "announcement" -- but whatever... here we go.

Many of you helped me with my window design dilemma - thank you for your time and thoughts!  Pending final word on house stability, my plan is to do 3 long windows on the bathroom side (so the bath window will also be long) and two long and short on the kitchen side - the kitchen window will remain as originally designed.  And then on the outside of the house, below the kitchen window, I'll do some type of art piece to trick the eye into thinking that window is as long as the others.

Here's a crude depiction using scissors and Scotch tape... 

(This is the bathroom side.)

I'm fairly certain that I am going to order my windows from Marvin, which is what the plans call for, and is also where Jay got his windows for his Gifford.

The side windows will be casement - they will hinge on one side and crank out, and they will be 3 over 1 (panes/grille.)  The loft window and the "picture window" will be awning windows that hinge at the top.  The picture window will be 5 over 1 as shown.  The loft window will be stained glass.

So what's next there?  Exterior window trim color.  Which ties to roof color... which... well, that's another post.  But I need to decide pretty darn soon because I feel like it's time to order windows.  And I know it's time to get the window frame to David for his stained glass work.

Because exterior window trim color and the roof are tied together (in my little mind) I'll lay those out in a separate post.


  1. Three long windows? That's definitely the highlight of your bathroom for sure. Windows always improve the house appearance, feel, and value. Plus, it allows natural light to enter the room.

    Leif Clancy @

  2. Leif,

    Yeah! I'm excited about the extra light the longer windows will allow. I'm going to have a skylight in the loft as well. I'm actually ordering my windows today!

    Any advice as to which way the casement windows should crank? Is there a theory?

    Thank you for stopping by!


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