Friday, October 26, 2012

Ta-Da! WAT

Look what arrived in the mail on Wednesday -- my new WAT* button!

(Sorry for the poor photo quality - I thought it had turned out better...) Tom's daughter Laura made it for me - wasn't that awesome?  I couldn't imagine what was in the lumpy envelope that arrived in the mail.... and for any of you who know me, you know how I use burlap for just about everything... lol 

Tom and I have taken to calling it my WAT badge....

The badge has already been used... I wore it to Mi Cocina on my Wednesday date night with Tom - it was the big badge reveal to him during dinner - and then I wore it to Ashley's last night.  Unfortunately, I think the seat belt in my car was sort of hard on it - I lost a few gemstones!  I'll have to be more careful.  Laura probably didn't think I'd actually wear it... Ahhhh ha ha ha ha

*   WAT

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