Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Swept Up in the Current

Today I wish I had the ability to bottle my adrenaline.  You know, like the little bottles of potions in Harry Potter's world?  I am on such a high with the possibilities and the potential and the vision I have of my new life that I can  h a r d l y   c o n t a i n   m y s e l f

First on my list today is to begin to ready this blog for publication.  So, if you haven't read the unvarnished stream of consciousness posts I've written to date, and you want to, you'd better get to scrambling because they are going to change fast.  Some may disappear entirely... and some new ones might show up.

As I open my blog up to strangers, I will have to be consciously mindful about why I am writing: to document this journey and it's time frames, the logistics, and the emotional ups and downs for myself.  And hopefully to inspire others, and to prompt others to share their stories with me.  That whole "strength in numbers" thing... I know there are a lot of people out there taking this same journey in their own way. 

But again - wow.  I feel like I am barely in charge of the path I am on and I feel like my feet are barely touching the ground.  I have this vision of the end game, and that the steps are just being laid out for me and I am following them down the way. Everything feels like it is moving so fast - but towards amazing things.

This quote is one I have on my Pinterest page - I have another one by him taped up on my bathroom mirror.  It seems that I like his thinking.

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