Monday, October 29, 2012

Sale Prep - Sunday - Day One

I can feel it coming on --

The preparation time for my sale is here -- we are in 7 day countdown!

Tom and I unloaded my attic into my guest room yesterday - LOL  oh my gosh!  I have about 17 clear zippered comforter bags full of bedding - human and dog.  What is up with that??   I was up in the attic, and Tom was at the bottom of the (full sized, covered in vintage orange shag carpet) stairs, and I was handing things down.  And the huge zippered bags?  They just kept coming - I swear, they multiplied up there over time.  By the time we were through, I was laughing so hard I had to just bend over and hang there, upside down, laughing.  Okay, so I was a little punchy.  

It was night time when I took this - not the best photo quality...
I called my sister in Wisconsin to marvel at the amount of bedding - and she said, "Well it's because we were raised in Minnesota!  You're afraid of being cold, and not having enough blankets.  Enough blankets for yourself, and any house guests, and..  and..."  I concluded it was some sort of syndrome.  Not unlike my strange inability to part with wire coat hangers.  And pajamas - why do I have so many pajamas??  Must.  Go.

Searching for chicken.  (Hey, a girl can dream!)
 Then I drove to Garland to my career coach's house and loaded 3 tables into her truck.  I left my car at her house, drove the tables to my house.  Drove her truck back to her house, and my car back to my house.  That took 2 hours... but I am going to need as many tables as I can get my hands on, so -- ultimately worth it.  It was sort of an adventure though... And very kind of her to loan me not only tables, but her truck.

I showed my house yesterday to a couple who used to live on my street... they would like to be back on the street... we will see if that turns into anything.

After my sale is over my realtor(s) are going to do the full blown selling of my house - a professional photographer will come in, and we'll put a sign in the yard, and it will go up on MLS.  Until this point it's been a low key listing.  So tonight the realtors will come over and tag what furniture they want to remain for sale staging, and make a list of what I need to do to ready the house for sale.

I also have 2 friends coming over tonight to help me get things out and organized for the sale.  I'm feeling sort of overwhelmed at this point, but I know I'll get it done.  I become super human when I have a deadline.

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