Thursday, October 11, 2012

Done, Done, Check, Done.

My house was shown to a potential buyer for the first time last evening.  The realtors estimated I would need to be out for about 30 minutes.  That turned out to be quite an under-estimate; the people were looking at my house for more than an hour and a half!  I thought perhaps communication was crossed and that I could go home, but texted to confirm - no!  Still there!  I was fine with it... taking that long has to be good, right?

And my alley neighbor Kelley let me bring Greta and enjoy a happy hour while I waited - so perfect but very briefly a little weird because at one point we could hear voices in my backyard...and we had to tone down our laughter...

The feedback I got after the showing was positive... so time will tell. 

I took yesterday off and I cleaned my house all day.  I mean alllll dayyyy.  It wasn't this clean when my mother visited!!  LOL  But, the good news is, it's uber clean for my house guests this weekend.  And, the de-cluttering and the deep cleaning is done, so theoretically for future showings my spiff up should be very quick and easy.  Assuming that I can live this tidily... HA HA HA HA   It's crazy though - my house sort of echoes...

I feel like I have been blowing through huge things in the past weeks:

The letter to Tumbleweed?  Out the door.

The formal signing with a realtor to sell?  Done.

The Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower?  Over.  (Success!)

The preparation of my house for showings?  Check.

The first showing?  Done.  And it wasn't even emotional for me.

Okay, I admit, I hate to think of them un-doing what landscaping I have done in the backyard. But I am, ahem -- sitting up straight - I am mature enough to realize that not everyone likes the same things as me.   Yeah, whatever, I probably need to rehearse that.  : )  

It's sort of depressing to acknowledge that the execution of my backyard plan never got as far down the line as I wanted - and that many of my butterfly/hummingbird garden dreams will - at least at this location - remain unfulfilled.  But, as I said, "I am mature enough..."  GAAAAAAAHH.  One hurdle at a time.

So what's next?  I have a friend flying in from North Carolina tomorrow night and staying with me until Monday.  Another friend from FW is going to come and stay with us Saturday/Sunday and we are going to collectively put our feet up and just laugh and do girly things.

Tonight?  A run to the grocery store and then - nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

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