Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sale Prep - Tuesday - Day Three!

I feel better today about my prep than I felt yesterday at this time...  thanks to help, I'm less overwhelmed.  (I'm not really sure why I thought 6 days would be enough time to unearth and price my entire life... but here I am.  Three days down, three days to go.)

Yesterday afternoon I picked up packing supplies from Diana's house - bags and boxes for packaging sold items.  She had left a ton of stuff out on her front steps for me.  Awesome - thank you!

My friend and former neighbor Liz came by in the late afternoon to help.  She helped me set up a few tables - that's difficult to do alone - and coordinated getting another table from another neighbor down the street who even delivered!  Thank you Liz!   Thank you David!

We unloaded all of my kitchen cabinets onto two tables in the kitchen.  That went pretty fast.  Now that I can see everything, I'll go back through and put away the few items that I want to keep.  Mostly pots and pans, I think.  A few glass food storage containers...

Then we tackled the next area that seemed the most daunting to me: my craft closet. Liz was so encouraging - "The kitchen only took half an hour - we have time to do this - let's do it."   We got everything unloaded and put it onto a table in the living room.  It wasn't quite a bad as I was expecting.  I had a lot of stuff in there, but it was mostly organized into tubs and groups.

Okay!  Onward!  Liz headed out, and I walked and fed the dog (who strangely is not freaked out by all the chaos...) and went to pick up take out from Ali Baba.  Then Renee came over about 7.  We had a quick bite with a glass of wine and got caught up on life (she's also making big changes!) and then we dug in.  We got everything from the craft closet put into clear "grab bags" - that was huge.  And we sorted and bagged quilting fabric, backing and batting.  That took us to after 10 p.m.  Whew!  It's so much more fun with a friend, and it seems less like work...

So what remains?  

Pricing.  I haven't priced anything yet.  I am going to print price tags today.  

My clothes closet - I need to sort through that, but it will go pretty fast.

The most daunting part remaining?  My garden shed.  And I don't feel like I can do that very far ahead of time,  because it will all just be displayed out in the backyard.  It doesn't seem like that should happen very far ahead of time.

My ad in the newspaper starts tomorrow.  I need to do a grocery store so that I have food and water for the sale day for volunteers...  I need to put up some clothes lines between the posts on the car port for hanging clothes and costumes...

But things are shaping up.  One of the most surprising things to me is that I am not wanting to keep things.  I'm letting everything go and it's freakishly easy.  I'm going to call that validation that this path is right for me.

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