Monday, October 8, 2012

Bits & Pieces

No, no word from Tumbleweed yet... : )  But I am not discouraged, either - it's all good.  Frankly I wasn't really ready last week for a phone call anyway - very scattered with other things going on, so I was actually relieved.  I am feeling more grounded today, and hope that continues this week.

I signed on with Bryan and Amanda as my realtors last week, and I have my first house showing this Wednesday!  I started de-cluttering my house last night.  I"m bringing some boxes home today to keep going on that... not sure WHERE the boxes are going to go, but ... one step at a time.

It's sort of drag to be putting away the more personal items from my house when I have three weekends of upcoming house guests packing bags to come and stay with me (starting this Friday), but oh well.  A minor detail I suppose.

I sent away my first piece of furniture to Lydia last night... : )  We were both happy.

I am having my "estate" sale on Saturday, November 3rd.  I know, estate sales are when someone dies, but heck what else do you call it when you sell everything you own?  It's a wee bit more than a garage sale... Plus I think the term "estate sale" has a certain draw to it.

I'm going to try to get some pumpkins and mums onto my front steps before Wednesday, and get my huge ghostie guy hung up in the tree.  He's always fun.  And my neighborhood has already started going Halloween!  Somehow it's only October 8th and it seems like I am behind... not sure how that happened.

I saw one of my neighbors out on the sidewalk on Sunday evening.  I hadn't seen him since I told everyone I was moving.  His first words, "So you're really doing it?" were accompanied by a huge smile.  We talked about what I hope to do, and some of the reasoning why; he has similar views about how much space we use to live.  He said he'd never heard of tiny houses before my email but that he had looked them up and found them very interesting albeit very small.  He said he works in a lab, where there is so much open space.  He said the next day he went to work, stood in the middle of the room, and announced (something like) that he was going to "change the way we do work.  We don't need all this space!  We could fit 24 techs in here and we only have 8!"  It just made me laugh.  I love how my changes are causing people think about things differently.

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